At the end of last week the personal exhibition of the craftswoman Tetiana Veremienko "Guardian of Coziness" began its work in the Central city library named after M. L. Kropyvnytskyi.

This is the thirteenth exhibition of the creative cycle "Guardians of Ukraine". For it, the author prepared paintings created in the quilling technique. By twisting ordinary paper strips, extremely detailed, three-dimensional works appear. Multi-layered bright colors enchant the eye. Such paintings become a beautiful decoration of any interior, add a special atmosphere and a feeling of coziness.
"I started quilling quite a long time ago. Sometime in 2011. And I was so fascinated by this technique. Just incredible. And I just didn't raise my head for two years. I sat and twist. I practiced these techniques. Mastered the technique itself," - notes Tetiana Veremienko.
22 paintings by pani Tetiana are presented in the exposition "Guardian of Coziness". The paper planes of which are covered with lace poppies, peonies, cornflowers and chrysanthemums. Lush flowers are located among juicy berries and colorful butterflies. You look at these works, and the body seems to be enveloped by a pleasant feeling of comfort and peace, which is so lacking in our turbulent times.
This exhibition today is special for me. Because it is purely quilling. Before that I had many exhibitions. But they were combined. There was embroidery. This is my first hobby. And I don't give up on it. It is with me for the rest of my life. But from time to time I change my work so that life is interesting," shares the craftswoman.
Indeed, Tetiana Veremienko did not part with her work all her life. She tried her hand at many types of art: carving, artistic painting, macrame and eggs painting.
Today, the craftswoman has more than 40 decorative panels, many postcards and author's jewelry for women in her creative work. In 2014, Tetiana Veremienko joined the Union of Designers of Ukraine. Her works win prizes at international competitions and attract viewers at all-Ukrainian festivals, promotions and regional reviews. The craftswoman has 8 personal exhibitions to her credit.
"Look carefully at these works. It's coziness. This is beauty. It is what surrounds us. But because of the war, we very often do not notice this beauty. That's why it's so important today to feel these emotions of coziness, emotions of harmony during such a turbulent period," says Valentyna Kryvtsova, head of the Cultural and Artistic Association "Art-Spocusa" .
The musical atmosphere of the exhibition was created by Daria Galabir, a third-year student of the Mykolaiv Professional College of Music.

The exposition will work in the Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnytskyi until June 17. So, you have time to dive into the wonderful world of quilling "Guardian of Coziness" by Tetiana Veremienko.


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