Have you thought about how artificial intelligence can change your life in the future? And how does it change it today? And in general, what kind of thing is this artificial intelligence?

On May 17, during the system-wide action "Artificial intelligence to help you!" specialists of the Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnytskyi and its library branches introduced the people of Mykolaiv to the areas of using the latest technologies in the field of computer science, aimed at imitating human intelligence by machines. Today, artificial intelligence (AI) is widely used in many fields of science and technology, medicine, education, libraries, production, etc. It helps to automate and optimize processes, reduce costs and improve people's quality of life.
The action was held on the World Day of Telecommunications and Information Society, which is celebrated annually in the world on May 17 under the auspices of the specialized agency of the UN International Telecommunication Union (MCE). On this day, visitors of Mykolaiv libraries could participate in various educational events: trainings, master classes, educational hours, express lectures, etc. To Learn the prospects, challenges, pros and cons of using artificial intelligence. To get acquainted with the most famous neural networks, become creators of modern content.
Active, inquisitive, interested friends of libraries became participants of educational activities: students of digital literacy courses of Digital Education Hubs, regular readers, members of library and conversation clubs, young people and older people. They got acquainted with the areas of AI application, watched educational series on the ДІЯ.Освіта platform, wrote texts, poems, odes) using ChatGPT, created logos, used the CANVA, Playground AI, Leonardo AI, Pictori AI, Fliki AI, Deep Nostalgia services for generation , animation and image enhancement. And most importantly, we got new knowledge and positive emotions!
Friends, if you are interested in how the modern IT sphere is developing, how useful the latest technologies are, what new is in the world of neural networks, or you just need to understand how your phone works, come to the libraries! As part of the activities of the Digital Education Hubs, specialists of the Central city library named after M.L. Kropyvnytskyi and its library branches will provide you with the necessary information and teach you modern skills. And we are not talking about media literacy skills yet)






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