On May 16 in the Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnytskyi opened the exhibition "In My Cozy City", dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birthday of the artist, honorary citizen of Mykolaiv Oleksandr Pokosenko.

The exhibition consists of 16 works. 15 of them are from the artist's family collection. Most of the paintings belong to the "Old Mykolaiv" series.

"Aleksandr Danylovych was an inspired singer of our city. He also painted those buildings that are still preserved today, but in a slightly different form. He painted those buildings, those quarters and streets that eventually disappear from the face of Mykolaiv. However, here is its story. Such a cozy, comfortable, nice face appears before us from the works of this extraordinary artist," says the director of the Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnytskyi Inha Khorzhevska.

As a patriot of his city, Oleksandr Danylovych did a lot for it. These are portraits of people who live and work here, this is a painting inspired by maritime and shipbuilding romance. The "Old Mykolaiv" series includes more than 150 paintings. The canvases bring to life the streets of the city of shipbuilders from different eras - the 40s, 60s of the XX and even the XIX centuries.
His own method of artistic reconstruction gave the artist the opportunity to show yacht club, the Arkas House, the Catholic cathedral and the choral synagogue on canvas in their original form, without repeating the archival images he was working on. It is interesting to wander around "Old Mykolaiv" together with an artist who can tell a whole story about every house and street.
"He loved our nature, houses, architecture. The atmosphere that reigns in Mykolaiv. He created it. He showed it on his canvases. He appealed to historical memory. And also found materials in the archives. Worked on showing of historical architecture, memory. This is the history of Mykolaiv, its wealth, the value of Oleksandr Danylovych's creativity," - shares the head of the Mykolaiv regional organization of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine Dmytro Artym.
Colleagues jokingly called him the patriarch of Mykolaiv painters. Among the wonderful townspeople, his name is pronounced with special respect. Relatives and friends remember Oleksandr Danylovych as a person with an open soul. For everyone, the artist found a good word, tried to present a moment of positivity.
"He never missed a single exhibition. It was such an open person. Cheerful, optimistic. That we, young people, marveled at the youth of his soul," recalls Mykolaiv journalist Tetiana Danylenko.

"We have known each other for many years. We had warm, friendly and sociable relations. Actually, thanks to this, he presented the painting "Mykolaiv Zoo, its central entrance", to the Mykolaiv Zoo on its 100th Anniversary," says the director of the Mykolaiv Zoo Volodymyr Topchii.

The exhibition will be held in the gallery of the Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnytskyi within a month.
Come and immerse yourself in a journey through "Old Mykolaiv"


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