Film of 2016. A month after the premiere in the capital, it was seen for the first time in the south of Ukraine. Then the exclusive right to show the film was given to the Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnytskyi.

"At that time, it became possible because the library was implementing the All-Ukrainian project "Free Ukrainian Language Courses". They are still active today, although the project has ceased to exist. The author of the script is Lesia Voroniuk. It was she who was the ideological inspirator for the appearance of Vyshyvanka Day, which we celebrate the eighteenth time in a row. Lesia Voroniuk wrote the script. And the director was Oleksandr Tkachuk," says Iryna Zahreba, the head of the user service department of the Center city library named after M.L. Kropyvnytskyi.
The slogan of the film is "To embroider in order to survive". It involves ethnographic and historical parts. And it is built on the unique stories of people about the fate of embroidered clothes in their lives.
"I first encountered embroidery and exhibitions at my work, precisely in our museum. And this film was very interesting and important for me. There is diversity in each region. But it is dear to our hearts because it was passed down from generation to generation. That energy and family code. And for this, people gave everything. It was the most valuable and precious. This film was also informative. Diversity was shown more fully. Different embroideries, attitudes," shares Larysa Vaskan, the long-time leader of the folk music ensemble "Play, Music" after its viewing. 

"Legacy of the Nation" is a must watch for everyone, regardless of political or other beliefs. Such films create the history of our country, and one who does not know his history, as is known, has no future.
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