Creativity is the strongest tool for taking care of one's psycho-emotional state today. With the help of creating any art objects, you can easily break away from unpleasant thoughts and express your inner state.

That is why the extraordinary and talented craftswomen of the cultural and artistic association "Art-spokusa", led by Valentyna Kryvtsova, continue to experiment and surprise regular visitors and readers of the Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnytskyi.

This time, talented women, with the support of two master trainers, Lesia Saikovska and Oksana Davydova, mastered a new gratage technique. Or it is also called "Scratchy-scrat".
The drawing is made by scratching with a pen, a sharp tool on paper or cardboard poured with drawink ink.
"That is, the technique involves applying colored paint to white cardboard. Then a layer of wax. Later, it is all poured with black drawing ink or gouache. With the help of sharp sticks, any drawing is applied. You can make a blank on the basis of tracing paper. Or you can just make a free fantasy drawing. For example, abstraction, landscape, still life, flowers and birds. Anything you want. It is interesting that the participants who draw with the help of sticks, scratching the picture, they do not even guess which color will immediately appear on the paper", - says the head of the Cultural and artistic association "Art-spokusa" Valentyna Kryvtsova.
This process does not imply that you will immediately grab everything on the fly and create masterpieces. In this case, the main thing is to get pleasure from creativity.

"People like it like that on a dark background. We come up with such bright and diverse images. Everyone chose an interesting image that they wanted to reproduce using the gratography technique. And if something doesn't work out well for someone, the coaches help," emphasizes Lesia Saikovska.

In the Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnytskyi everything is for friends and readers. This is a place of positivity, information, education and meaningful leisure time!


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