On March 22 true connoisseurs of patriotic poetry gathered at the presentation of Halyna Zaporozhchenko's new book "Nation of the Brave" in the Central City Library named after M.L.  Kropyvnytskyi.

This event continued a series of library events dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Mykolaiv regional organization of the National Writers' Union of Ukraine.

The collection of patriotic poems "Nation of the Brave" was published in 2023 by the Mykolaiv publishing house "Ilion". The book includes works of various genres. Their main leitmotif is the understanding of the heroic past of Ukraine in the primordial liberation struggle for state independence, for a better destiny of the Ukrainian nation, faith in a powerful, free state, in a happy future for Ukrainians on their native land.
The collection also contains poems written by the author during the Russian-Ukrainian war. They are about the most relevant and painful things, about what is right now.
"There are four chapters in which it is also about the glorious past of Ukraine. And about our tragic present. But at the same time, it is also heroic. And that's why we should always think about patriotism to be present in our works. And of course bright faith in the future. Then these works will help both us and our readers. They will help us fight and win the Victory!" - says Halyna Zaporozhchenko.
During the presentation, the author shared with the audience her thoughts about poetry and the purpose of a poet, talked about the special place of the historical theme in her work, talked about plans and, of course, read poems.
It is expected that a lot of poetry was heard during the literary evening. And they read it in different ways. Among the bright episodes of the presentation was the singing performance of Halyna Zaporozhchenko's works "Feather, you are my feather" and "Bloom, beloved Ukraine!", the music for which was written by Yaroslav Malyi and performed by the singer Viktor Hembara.
The video poetry "Ballad of the Battle of Konotop", "Thought about Pylyp Orlyk", "Peace of Ancient Tombs" did not leave anyone indifferent. They harmoniously combine deep content, well-chosen video series and professional reading by Olha Banytiuk.

The head of the Mykolayiv regional organization of the National Writers' Union of Ukraine, Vira Marushchak, sent her greetings to her colleague from distant Germany.
Together with the honored teacher of Ukraine Valentyna Kuptsova, the students of the Mykolaiv Lyceum No. 2 prepared a gift for the author - a sincere and inspiring performance.
And there were many warm, sincere words to the publisher Anna Rumiantseva, artist-illustrator Svitlana Tuz, friends, colleagues, connoisseurs of the poetic word of Halyna Zaporozhchenko, poet Leonid Rzhepetskyi and journalist Tetiana Danylenko.
"I will say that today's Ukraine speaks in her works. Her poetry is so patriotic. At the same time, it is lyrical, and at the same time it penetrates to the very heart. To the soul of every Ukrainian. Because only those who are boundlessly in love with their native land, in love with our Motherland, our Ukraine, can write the way she writes. This is a person with Ukrainian blood who can write so. This is exactly what Halyna Mykhailivna is. We respect and value her every word. She is able to speak to each and every one of us from the very depths of the Ukrainian well, i.e. our spirituality, speak to each and every one of us!", Leonid Rzhepetskyi shares his impressions.
The presentation of Halyna Zaporozhchenko's book "Nation of the Brave" became a real celebration of patriotic poetry in the library!





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