All things that surround Ukrainians are imbued with symbolism. After all, our ancestors gave us the belief in the power of various amulets and magical symbols.

The shape of the object and the method of its production carry a protective meaning. One of such powerful Ukrainian amulets was and is a horseshoe. The blacksmith was considered not just a popular craftsman, but also a sorcerer. And the forge was considered a sanctuary of fire, where the main god of creative power, the blacksmith god Svarog, was revered.

On March 20, on the international day of happiness, which was introduced to recognize its importance in the life of every person, regular readers and visitors of the library and art workshops made a horseshoe with their own hands. As a symbol of general happiness for all Ukrainians in the form of victory and peace.
"After all, a horseshoe is an ancient talisman of happiness in the family. It was hung outside, near the house. Or in the house itself. And everything depended on how to hang the horseshoe correctly. So, today we not only made a decorative horseshoe for good luck, but also learned why the horseshoe became a sign of happiness, a talisman of happiness. How to use it correctly, what functions it should perform," says Valentyna Kryvtsova, organizer of the master class, head of the Cultural and Artistic Association "Art-spokusa".
When making a horseshoe amulet, modern craftsmen use decorative elements in their decoration. These are coins, bells, various ornaments, artificial flowers, nuts and peppers, and necessarily seeds, berries.
"What did we do today? We made a horseshoe amulet today. More of such a homely, beautiful decoration in Provence style. Provence style is such a rustic style that has such herbal and plant elements. Here we added garlic, which protects against the evil eye. Here we added a nut for strength of spirit. Pepper for the health of our men in the family. Here we added different grains," adds craftswoman Vira Zhevner.
Hand-made talisman horseshoes look quite original and elegant. They can be used in interior decoration or given as a gift. And in general, everyone can do it. Then the amulet will definitely perform the functions you need here, now and today.


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