On the evening of March 16, connoisseurs of theatrical art in the Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnytskyi enjoyed the creativity of the volunteer theater-studio "В.Ти.К", artistic director and producer Viktor Smirnov.

The story of a Ukrainian flower girl, who ended up in France because of the Russian-Ukrainian war, unfolded on the stage.

"Love-me-don't-live-me" is a documentary work by dramatist and screenwriter Olha Annenko. This is already the third performance that the talented director from Vitovka region has staged with his team since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion. His previous work "Chirikli" ("Gypsy mother") with Julia Kolesnik in the lead role was highly appreciated in Tlumachi, Ivano-Frankivsk and Kalush.

When Hanna Shvedova returned to Mykolaiv region from evacuation, the head of the theater-studio "В.Ти.К" suggested her to address the audience with a frank conversation about today's life of Ukrainian women abroad.
"This is a one-man show. This is the most difficult genre. Bearing in mind that our actress is also a mother of many children and has her own profession. By the way, her son is getting married in a week. And we understood that there are household issues. But we worked on the play for four full months. Not every day. But there were rehearsals three or four times a week. There seems to be little scenery. But if you look closely, these are thorough works. These are flowers. There are many of them. Because they sound. You will hear their names during the performance. We had to work it all out. And to show that we are ready for a performance with scenery," Viktor Smirnov notes.
Here, everyone will find something personal, similar to what they experienced during these two years. At the same time, the lead actress tries to remind all of us that life goes on. And we must not forget who made it possible.
"The thing is, it's not personal. Everyone has experienced this. Not only me. This is not just my story. Every person has experienced this, the same as me. I tell them their own story. A little of mine, a little of theirs, a little of their neighbors. It is more difficult to tell something personal. And when everyone is aware of what is happening, then everyone understands me. This is everyone's story, not only mine," says Hanna Shvedova, the performer of the main role.
The performance was for charity. All funds collected by the audience will be spent by the team on helping military personnel and forcibly displaced citizens. Viktor Smirnov does not stop at that. At the same time, the artistic director works with young artists of the volunteer theater-studio.
"We started as readers. Today we have two plays ready to show. The play "Princess Without Peas" for senior school age. We will present it on the day of the theater. And "Three piglets" for younger children . The play is for children, younger school age," the director emphasizes.


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