Amulets are our ancient, good symbols - protectors, signs of faith in higher patronage. In the mythology of many peoples, birds are the creators of the universe. They symbolize the air that can penetrate everywhere. They connect as many as three worlds - earthly, heavenly and the element of water. Birds also fly to the yard, where the child was just born, and foretell the future fate of the baby.

According to ancient beliefs, together with faith birds brought spring with their wings. So, in order to speed up the arrival of birds, children and young people carried birds made of straw or dough over the village. Regular readers, visitors of master classes of the Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnytskyi was taught to make a spring symbol from straw.

"With such birds, they ran from house to house and called for spring. That it would come sooner and bring warmth. After all, it was believed that a bird is a creature that has the key to paradise. And when it arrived, it opened the door where the spring was. And spring is warmth," says Valentyna Kryvtsova, head of the Cultural and Artistic Association "Art-spokusa".
And the library readers welcomed spring together with the trainer, Honored Master of Folk Art of Ukraine Tetiana Uliankina. She calls this straw bird truly folk.
"And it looks like a simple one. But it is very symbolic. And very archaic, I would say. Because such birds have always been made. They were made from threads, straw, twigs, and cattails. From different materials. A symbol of the fact that this bird should fly or circle," emphasizes the Honored Master of Folk Art of Ukraine.
Today, the importance of the library as a center of creative communication is becoming more and more important. Creative workshops are strongly included in the practice of library work. And if the librarians and trainers are also creative personalities, then the readers and visitors are happy to show their own abilities.


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