"A good mood and positive emotions prolong life and strengthen health", - Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnytskyi, the "Vilna" space and the Cultural and Artistic Association "Art-spokusa" celebrated the first anniversary of cooperation.

The beginning of the criminal full-scale Russian invasion led to a rapid increase in the number of people who are faced with a lot of socio-psychological changes. In the conditions of the Russian-Ukrainian war, adults, teenagers and children are in a stressful situation, adapting to new places of stay. Returning to normal living conditions often requires psychological rehabilitation.

In this situation, Ukrainian libraries began to expand their functions. Thus, at the beginning of 2023, the Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnytskyi, in cooperation with the Cultural and Artistic Association "Art-spokusa" in partnership with the women and girls-friendly space "Vilna", started to hold art master classes for regular visitors and readers of the library. Thanks to creative and meaningful leisure time, women, including many forcibly displaced persons, had the opportunity of psycho-emtional relaxation.
"These are sixteen craftswomen from Mykolaiv and the region who have never repeated their master classes. Modern, traditional types of art. We learned about the history of toys. We studied embroidery, weaving, decorative painting. We studied the Tavria painting, which is specific to our Mykolaiv region. We studied our culture, our identity. We plunged into the world of art," says Valentyna Kryvtsova, head of the Cultural and Artistic Association "Art-spokusa".
Meetings of conversational clubs for the study of the Ukrainian language were popular then and remain so today. In this way, the Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnytskyi together with the "Vilna" space are trying to ensure access to educational events.
"Yes, the library also helps us a lot by holding such a free Ukrainian language course. Because a lot of girls in our city want to improve their Ukrainian language and they attend our courses. And this is a very big help to our girls and women in learning the Ukrainian language. Cooperation with the library is such an important aspect of our work. Because we have a place where we can hold various master classes on various directions. And it always brings such moral and psychological support to the girls," shares Maryna Kruchynova, manager of the social project of the mobile space for women and girls "Vilna".
A modern library is not only a center for reading and obtaining information. It has turned into the center of social life of the community. Workshops and conversation clubs are organized here, film fans meet, various programs, digital and media literacy courses for seniors, board games, etc. are held here. Prompt response to the challenges of the times calls for the need to look for new approaches in cooperation, the development of modern thinking.


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