We celebrated "MARKO's" FIRST birthday. This is a great opportunity to celebrate our achievements, share plans for the future and, of course, feel the joy of celebrating together! The year flew by imperceptibly in fun thematic activities and events.

We met, talked, read, played, created, actively and creatively spent time together.

What have we achieved this year?
A large circle of friends: Thanks to our joint efforts, the number of our readers is constantly growing, that is gratifying, and we are always happy to see new faces in our "Marko".

Exciting events: During the year, we held dozens of literary events, readings aloud, family meetings, quests, fun games and creative workshops.
New books: Many new, interesting, modern, multi-format, multilingual books for any age and taste have appeared on our shelves.
How did we spend the day?
Bright activities: Literary games, a detective quest, sports relays in the fresh air, fun exercises and other interesting activities took place during the day.
A delicious treat: Together with the guests, we prepared a variety of goodies and sweet drinks for every taste.
Musical bubble show: All children just love bubbles, especially with fun music and dancing.
Thank you everyone for your support and love for reading!

Together we create an incredible atmosphere where everyone can find inspiration, friends, learn a lot of new things and have fun!


More pictures here

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