Chaikovska, N. Three promises. Novel / N. Tchaikovskyi. - Kyiv: Nora-Druk, 2023. - 384 p.

Kyiv, 1938. The foreboding of a great war hung over the world, and the times of brutal repression had come in the Soviet Union. For the slightest suspicion of disloyalty to the Stalinist regime, people are taken away and shot, and their family members are sent to camps.

Maryna is from Kyiv, her husband was shot on the tip-off of an employee, and she herself ended up in inhumane conditions in distant Kazakhstan in the Akmola camp for wives of traitors to the motherland. The camp is located in the steppe, in winter the prisoners freeze, and in summer they suffocate from the heat and suffer from sandy winds. They are forced to work - harvesting reeds knee-deep in water, from which they then make adobe bricks.

It is there that Maryna learns about hard work, atrocities and rape, as well as friendship, humanity and hope. She will either stop fighting, give up, or grab life with new strength. And the day will come when Maryna will live to be released and try to fulfill the promises she made to the people dear to her.

During the writing of the work, the author relied on historical sources, truthfully depicted the daily life and life of women in the camp. "Three Promises" is a novel not only about terrible trials, but also about life contrary to the plans of the Soviet leaders.

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