Berezova, M.S. Nutritional disorders in children with ASD / M.S. Berezov. - Kyiv. - 2022. - 56 p.

The work reveals the problem of nutrition in children with autism spectrum disorders, which occurs 5-8 times more often than in children from the general population. There is a connection between nutritional disorders of this category of children and the occurrence of nutritional deficiencies, various metabolic diseases that have an impact on the child's behavior in general. The causes of nutritional disorders have been determined, among which diseases of internal organs, in particular the gastrointestinal tract, as well as food intolerances have the greatest specific weight. Based on the data analysis, recommendations were formulated for doctors involved in the treatment of children with autism spectrum disorders, regarding the use of an examination algorithm taking into account the assessment of nutritional status and the specifics of conducting screening tests for food intolerances. In addition, emphasis is placed on examination methods and the choice of therapeutic nutrition tactics.

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