Kalyna, O. The long way home: a novel / O. Kalyna. - Kharkiv: Book Club "Family Leisure Club", 2023. - 208 p.

"Barracks" is a word with an iron flavor. That was the name of the house where the main heroine Mariana lived. Instead of family comfort, despotism and fear reigned here. Mariana's father was a very cruel person and kept the whole family in fear.

Since childhood, the girl only wanted her father to die. And when he died, the daughter breathed a sigh of relief. She thought she was finally free. But Mariana becomes a toy in the hands of another tyrant. Brother Serhii wants to subdue her and sell to a rich man. When Mariana becomes Andrii's property, she thinks that this is the end. However, there is a long way to go. From fear and helplessness - to creepy, almost otherworldly revenge. Mariana did not believe that justice would come. Therefore, she herself will get back at those who deserve to be punished...


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