The central library named after M.L.Kropivnitskiy of CLN for adults was founded in August 14 (August 1 according to the old style) in 1900 as a department of Mykolaiv public library (nowadays the Regional universal scientific library named after O.Gmyriov).

In course of time the library activity broadened gradually. It carried out more and more elucidative purposes for the sake of which it was created. Every year the library became more and more popular among the habitants of the city. Even in the hard years of the First World War up to 100 readers in a day visited the library on average.

As the department of Mykolaiv Central library (former Public) the library subsisted up to 1922. In March of the same year the department was included in the library network of the city and began its life as the First City District Library.

Almost half of the century, since 1916 to 1962, the library was headed by Maria Fedorivna Karkling. Namely she saved the funds of the library in the years of the First World War, did everything in her power to enlarge them in the post-war period, extended the library premise.

In the post-war years the library continued to develop and already in the 70th became one of the biggest libraries of city. It allowed it in 1978 to become the Central library of the Centralized library system for adults, which involved 21 library-branches and 3 library centers.

In 1990 at the suggestion of Mykolaiv department of Ukrainian writers’ Union the library was assumed the name of M.L.Kropivnitskiy – the founder of the leaders’ theater, writer and actor, composer, native of Mykolaiv.

In 1991 in the life of the library the significant event took place: the library got new, specially built apartment that opened new possibilities for its development. From that time the library becomes the center of introduction of new progressive technologies of the readers’ servicing: since 1992 – one of the first the library began computerizing of the library processes, and since 1996 – became a part of the international informative space through the Internet network, since 1999 becomes a member of the Ukrainian electronic library consortium “Informatio”.

Today the library is one of the most prominent libraries of the city, which became the center of public information and intercourse. Its funds are used by over 20 thousand of users. The library assigned its mission in rendering the assistance to the habitants of the city to gain knowledge during all life and in satisfaction of their various interests.

The library is opened for collaboration with public agents, different establishments and organizations, international funds, mass media.


Detailed information is represented only in Ukrainian and Russian.



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