It's February, and the air is increasingly filled with Valentine's Day pheromones. Couples try to choose the best surprise or gift for their other half.

And this day, of course, we cannot do without Valentines. But there is absolutely no need to rush to the store and buy template postcards. After all, original hand-made Valentines can be a full-fledged gift or its complement.

It is no coincidence that on February 1 a real art boom of the participants of the first pre-holiday master class on making surprise cards reigned in the Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnytskyi.
Valentyna Kryvtsova, head of the cultural and artistic association "Art-spokusa", invited the talented Mykolaiv craftswoman Vira Zhevner to be a trainer.
"After all, it is she who owns all the modern existing techniques. Today we are learning Iris Folding. This is such an interesting technique on making goods from colored strips of paper", - clarifies Valentyna Kryvtsova.
While working with children, Vira Zhevner often thought about the possibility of effective use of paper scraps, how to make an interesting, unusual product out of them. Iris Folding, iridescent folding of paper came in handy.
“First of all, these patterns…you just need to type in Iris Folding and you'll end up with a very large number of patterns that you can print. Use any paper you have at home. Remnants of napkins, even any fabric. Ribbons can be used. Paper always remains. Children's ones, from children's crafts. You can use it in your works. All you need for this is scotch tape, some paper as the basis of a postcard, your leftover paper or fabric, some other material, scissors and that's all," says Vira Zhevner.
The constant joint creative search for new directions of work of the library and "Art-spokusa" interests new readers. Accordingly, the circle of participants in art master classes is expanding. For the first time, Daniela Pashko decided to try her hand at making a homemade postcard for St. Valentine's Day.
"I enjoyed making this work. Because I can relax, calm down. And it helps a lot even for mental or emotional peace," the girl shares her impressions.

And the topic of Valentine's Day will dominate in the library master classes. Next time, the visitors will make decorative wreaths in the "romantic" style. Iryna Darienko will help them in this.
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