Центральна бібліотека ім.Кропивницького

To ask a question

The virtual information is not only the name of our site section, but also is a new library service for users.

Why is such service necessary?

It helps you to find the information through the Internet.

Why is it possible to find «International corporate service Library.ru» exactly on our website?

Because the International corporate service Library.ru has combined the virtual information of 23 public libraries of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan to give effective help to users.

The Central Library named after M.L.Kropivnitskiy is among the participants of the project under the title — «Virtual reference service of public libraries».

How to find the service?

The service is on the reference service portal Library.ru where you can find the special section «Virtual information».

Can the Ukrainian users ask the question to the Virtual information of Library.ru?

The Ukrainian users can ask the questions to the Virtual information of Library.ru from the very beginning of the service opening in 2000.

Who answers the questions?

The employees of the organizations which are taking part in the project « Virtual reference service of public libraries » answer your questions. All operators of the service have had special training and have received the certificate giving them the right to answer the questions which are sent to the Virtual information service.

What to begin with?

To ask your question, it is necessary to register on the portal Library.ru.

The answers are available without registration; you need just to enter the archive of "visitor".

The detailed instruction is on the main page of the Virtual information of Library.ru.

How to ask the question?

Enter the section of our site «to ask a question» or just click on the picture «the Operator of the Virtual information» on any page of the site.

the Operator of the  Virtual information

Instructions of the Library.ru Virtual information use

1. We reserve the right to ourselves to delete tactless and discourteous questions and retorts, and to move questions to more suitable rubrics.

2. A visitor can enquire once a day only. The quantity of the questions from a user within one month should not exceed 4. The administration of the project reserves the right to itself to change this number, both towards decrease, and towards increase, concerning individual users.

3. If you have simultaneously opened some forms for sending inquiry, you can send only one.

4. To send inquiry, you have 30 minutes for filling in the form of inquiry. After this time you cannot send the inquiry.

5. If there will be some questions in your reference, we shall answer only one of them to our discretion.

6. The questions concerning with finished abstracts and compositions will be considered in last turn.

7. We do not answer the questions concerning with granting the commercial information (for example, the information on purchasing or selling something).

8. We do not give the information which violates the existing legislation.

9. We do not answer the questions sent by e-mail.

10. We do not do tasks on physics, chemistry, mathematics, law, etc.

11. The question should be asked in Russian or English languages. The search is possible in Russian – English resources; the opportunity of search in Ukrainian resources is not excluded.

12. The total amount of questions which our visitors can ask within one day (Moscow time) is divided into two parts. The first part of questions can be set by users after 0:00, and the second part – after 10:00.

What else can you ask to the Library.ru Virtual information?

Look FAQ «Frequently asked questions».