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Presentation of "Shevchenko's Encyclopedia Glossary of Mykolayiv Region" by I.B. Martsynkovs'ky

Cycle of cultural events "To Shevchenko's Sources" in the context of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Taras Shevchenko, the famous Ukrainian poet, writer, artist and public figure. The event took place in the Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnyts'ky during the year.

December 23. A new universal history and local lore literary reference book "Shevchenko's Encyclopedia Glossary of Mykolayiv Region" was presented at the end of the cycle. The author of the idea and compiler is Igor B. Martsynkovs'ky, a well-known local historian and author of several books on Taras Shevchenko's life and work.

This book is the first edition, which highlights relation of Taras Shevchenko and creation work with Mykolayiv region; it also includes a study of new little-known pages of local history of Shevchenkiana. "Shevchenko's Encyclopedia Glossary of Mykolayiv Region" includes about 800 articles of Mykolayiv known scientists, literary scholars, local historians, specialists in museum management and teachers. Glossary meets all requirements of encyclopedia editions. The result of this collective work became worthy of reverence expressed by Mykolayiv citizens to the 200 anniversary of Kobzar. This is the only one Ukrainian Encyclopedia Glossary published at the regional level.

The edition will be useful to scholars - philologists, historians, ethnographers etc. Copies of the glossary were obtained by the Vernads'ky National Library of Ukraine, Shevchenko Institute of Literature of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Taras Shevchenko National Museum, Taras Shevchenko Museum in Kanev.

At the presentation well-known students of local lore who are directly concerned with Mykolayiv Shevchenkiana shared their impressions of the book.

During the event everyone could listen to the "Ode to Kobzar" by Alexander Sychyov, Mykolayiv poet, composer and Honored Artist of Ukraine, and to the poetry dedicated to Taras Shevchenko; also the children classic theater "Inspiration" attached to the City House of Teacher under the direction of Eugene Maspanova took part in the event.

After the presentation there was an autograph session with Ihor B. Martsynkovs'ky.

The event was held with the participation of representatives of the authorities, Shevchenko's creativity researches, employees of the institutions of culture, education as well as the library users.

To purchase the "Shevchenko's Encyclopedia Glossary of Mykolayiv Region" contact the author and the Central City Library named after M.L.Kropyvnyts'ky.

On the eve of Christmas the "Nobel poetic cycle" prepared a festive meeting.

December 19. Poetry evening "Christmas Readings" for admires of poetry on St. Nicholas Day. In a warm and cozy atmosphere the best Christmas poems and legends of the winners of the prestigious literary award were recited by the library readers, professors and students of Petro Mohyla Black Sea State University.

December 2-16. A series of events "Study of Human Rights is the main lesson in life of each of us" for the pupils of the 5-11 forms of school number 53. The event was devoted to the Ukrainian Law Week. During the cycle there were a variety of activities: the lesson of law "Rule. Right. Duty" as well as lessons of legal education "UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Your rights and obligations", extracurricular lesson "You have the right to ...", citizenship lesson "The main duties and rights of the citizen. Declaration of the Rights of the Child."

Pupils had the opportunity to learn new information about the rights and obligations of a citizen, to participate in the cognitive games, quizzes, discussions, and view animated films on relevant topics.

December 12. The evening of memory of Volodymyr Voroshnin, the famous Mykolayiv citizen, photomaster, regional historian, honored veteran of labor in "Zorya" - "Mashproekt".

Volodymyr Voroshnin had a variety of skills, interested in history, local history, wrote interesting historical essays and was published in the pages of local newspapers. One of his hobbies was taking photos. He was keen of Mykolayiv architecture and features of buildings of the old part of the city. After some time magnificent photoworks by Voroshnin repeatedly won at various photo contests over and over again, successfully presented at exhibitions and published in the local press.

During the evening in the cozy atmosphere of the library in the circle of friends, near relatives and colleagues Volodymyr Voroshnin was remembered with a warm word as a talented master, multi-faceted personality, sincere, funny and kind man.

The program provided an acquaintance with the exposition of the photo exhibition by V. Voroshnin "Mykolayiv. Details" which depicted the unique architectural fragments of the Old and New Mykolayiv (curator - A. Filonenko, art historian).

December 11. The Central Library named after M.L. Kropyvnyts'ky was attended by representatives of the US Embassy in Ukraine: Conrad Turner, Advisor on Press, Education and Culture of the US Ambassador in Ukraine, Olga Lyubinets'ka, Assistant of the Advisor on Press, Education and Culture of the US Ambassador in Ukraine.

The main purpose of the visit was the meeting and communication with the visually impaired and blind visitors of the library and users of tiflotechnic installed in the Electronic Information Department.

We'd like to remind that in October we received a gift from the US Embassy in Ukraine – a special software and technical equipment which helps people with vision problems to adapt and assimilate visual information.

The meeting was attended by regular users of the Electronic Information Department and true friends of the library who have already appreciated the advantages of the new technology. They expressed their impressions and wishes to continue using special equipment and thanked the representatives of the Embassy of the United States for such a necessary and valuable gift.

December 2, 9. Courage Lesson "Strong army is pledge of independence of the state" devoted to the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for students of Mykolayiv Food Technology College and Mykolayiv Maritime Lyceum. Different information, specific facts, videos about the history of Ukrainian Armed Forces and difficult stages of the army's formation were presented at the event. Youth attention was attracted by the contemporary events in Ukraine as well as Ukrainian military problems to date.

December 9. Meeting with pupils of Mykolayiv special training-educational complex for children with visual impairments in the Electronic Information Department of the Central Library named after M.L. Kropyvnyts'ky. Employees of the department presented new services for the visually impaired and blind users of the library.

Children's particular interest was kindled by the technical means to provide the services.

The pupils scanned books with a help of the scanning and reading appliance (SARA), listened to audio books and searched for information on the Internet by means of the Daisy-player, adapted the text in a magazine for comfortable reading with a help of the Ruby hand held video Magnifier.

The meeting was held in a warm, sincere atmosphere of communication.

Presented tiflotechnic was received by the library from the US Embassy in Ukraine, and it is unique to Mykolayiv.

Poetic Evening "The Winter's Tale"

December 5. Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnyts'ky and the Faculty of Foreign Languages of Mykolayiv National University named after V.A. Sukhomlyns'ky invited admires of poetry and translators to the poetic evening "Winter's Tale."

The program of the meeting included a literary familiarization with the life and creative career of English, American, German, French and Ukrainian poets, reciting poetry in original language and presentation of author translations which had been made by the students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages.

Poetic evenings became a good tradition. This is the third literary meeting organized by the teachers and students of the Faculty. At this time the creativity of talented poets and diligent students were joined by the theme of magic winter fairy tale.

Guests of the meeting had the opportunity to enjoy the works by Robert Seymour Bridges, Theodor Fontane, Marceline Desbordes-Valmore, Henry Longfellow, Adelbert von Chamisso, Théodore de Banville, Heinrich Heine, Adolf Friedrich von Schack, Lina Kostenko and many other poets who have dedicated their poems to unpredictable, crystal-clear and magic winter season.

Presentation of the translation heritage organized by the students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages and published in the collection of the author's translations also took place during the evening.

The event was supported by the Department of Education, Science and Youth of the Mykolayiv Regional State Administration.

December 2. Jubilee 10th meeting of the "Nobel poetic cycle", dedicated to the art of words of Joseph Brodsky, the prominent Russian poet and American citizen under the title "Poetry in exile." Poems of the poet, translations of his essays and speeches were recited by the students of Petro Mohyla Black Sea State University, Mykolayiv Municipal Academic College as well as poetry's admires.

The guests got acquainted with the poet's works, to felt the beauty and power of the poetic word of Joseph Brodsky. The event was accompanied by video poetry and songs based on the poems of the poet performed by Dmitry Danilchuk, a musician and composer.


November 27-28. VII Mykolayiv City Environmental Readings "Let's keep it for our descendants" at the Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnyts'ky. This year the event was dedicated to the Day of Local Self-Government in Ukraine. The subject of the Readings 2014: "Environmental Safety of the Urban Environment: Challenges of our Time."

The annual environmental citywide event is held under the patronage of Mykolayiv mayor – Yuriy I. Granaturov with the support of the Department of Housing and Communal Services attached to the Mykolayiv City Council. The organizers of the event were: the Ecology Bureau of the Department of Housing and Communal Services, the Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnyts'ky and library-branch № 2 of the Centralized Library System for adults in Mykolayiv, public council on environmental safety and accomplishment attached to the City Mayor, Mykolayiv Charitable Found "META". The main partner of the event is the expert public council of the executive committee of Mykolayiv City Council.

VІI Mykolayiv City Environmental Readings were attended by representatives of public and local authorities, nongovernmental organizations, organizations of environmental infrastructure, active local community and so on.

During the event there was an exchange of experiences and interactive discussion on the key issues of environmental safety in urban areas, opportunities for social partnership aimed at environmental initiatives and improvement of Mykolayiv and other cities in the region, country, etc.

In particular, the participants of the event talked via Skype with remote participants of the Readings - representatives of profile structures of Khmelnitsky City Council, Druzhkivka and Mariupol in Donetsk region. The Open Platform "New Mykolayiv" invited all to the program "Mykolayiv Environmental Information City Center: 10 years with the partners." In the World Café format the participants of the event finalized the relevant sections of the project on strategy for sustainable development of the city of Mykolayiv.

During a virtual tour over the city the guests of the Readings were presented a photo exhibition by Vladimir Voroshnin "Mykolayiv. Details" and an exhibition of watercolors by Sergey Lunev "Mykolayiv of our childhood."

Familiarity with local lore series "Green pages of Mykolayiv region history", "Mykolayiv streets", "Square and parks of Mykolayiv" was held with the participation of Mykolayiv Regional Museum and NGO "FORUM BENCH."

Advertising and information products for public libraries and other institutions of culture and education in Mykolayiv were published according to the results of the Readings.

The event was attended by representatives of the Public and City Council of Illichyovsk (Odessa region).

November 21. Seminar "The order of provision of persons with disabilities, children with disabilities and some other categories of the population with technical and other means of rehabilitation" within the work of the School of Social Protection with the Department of Social Protection of Mykolayiv Regional State Administration. About 60 people visited the event. Among them were the representatives of District Offices of Social Protection of the Population in Mykolayiv, representatives of the city council, public organizations, as well as representatives of companies engaged in the implementation of assistive devices for people with disabilities. During the event, the library staff provided technical means and hardware for visually impaired persons, which were received by the library from the US Embassy in Ukraine.

There was an exhibition in the hall of the library were some assistive devices necessary for disabled persons to live an active lifestyle were presented. Among them were: orthopedic shoes, special means for self-service and care, means of transportation, special equipment, means for orientation, communication and information sharing. There was also a literary exhibition about the social adaptation of persons with disabilities organized by the Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnyts'ky.

A creative evening by Olga Skvyrs'ka and Serhiy Butenko "Three yellow dreams"

November 20. Creative evening by Olga Skvyrs'ka and Serhiy Butenko "Three yellow dreams" took place in the Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnyts'ky.

This is the creative experiment of the poet and novice musician - fusion of music and text, transformation of poetry into tune and melody into speech; it is a sad love song in the shadow of the autumn city.

Olga and Serhiy met at a literary evenings in our library; they exchanged their creative discoveries and realized that they were in tune. Thus was born the idea to create a joint program that would include poems and prose sketches by Olga and plays for piano written by Serhiy Butenko.

November 14. Informative and entertaining event with elements of puppet theater "Word's Magic" for pupils of 6th form of school number 53; the event was dedicated to the Day of Ukrainian Language and Literature, and was conducted together with the youth public organization "FREE". The event was held in a funny and friendly atmosphere, where everyone in the audience could feel himself as a full-fledged participant in the theatrical performance. The children were in a magical land where all love and respect the Ukrainian language. The children help the main personage Surzhik to do all his tasks and realize that everyone must learn and know the mother tongue.

November 14. Virtual tour of the Berlin sights for pupils of 7th and 9th forms of school №22 in the framework of work of the Goethe Institute's Correspondence Subscription in Ukraine.

The children discovered many new facts about the history and culture of Berlin and Germany. At the end of the event the students took part in the competition "What do you know about Germany?".

Meeting with Sophia Zelyk - Ukrainian master on painting eggs from New York

November 13. Meeting with Sofia Zelyk devoted to the Day of Ukrainian Writing and Language as part of the cycle "The Ukrainians of the world"; Sofia is an Ukrainian master on painting eggs from New York. She is a member of the Union of Craftsmen of Ukraine. Sofia has a rich collection of works: pysanky on chicken, goose and ostrich eggs as well as pottery painted by her. Personal exhibitions by Sofiyka were organized in many museums in the US and Canada, where the Ukrainian folk art abroad was presented. Sofiyka was the first American of Ukrainian origin, whose works were exhibited in Ukraine - at the Museum of Taras Shevchenko in Kanev and the Museum of Taras Shevchenko in Kyiv. Now the master is in Ukraine according to the grant under the Fulbright Program; she investigates the influence of folk art on the creativity of Eastern Ukraine's artists in the early twentieth century.

The meeting was organized in partnership with the Petro Mohyla Black Sea State University.

During the event the master presented a slide show of her best works, shared some secrets of the art of painting, spoke about the symbols and traditions of painting eggs in Ukraine and its positive perception abroad. Sofia Zelyk presented the library her book "My Granny paints eggs, and so do my Mom and I" with a memorable autograph.

The presentation was attended by lovers of folk art, representatives of creative associations of the city, intellectuals, students and readers of the library.

November 12. Contest on the German language, history, literature and local history study in Germany for students of the 3rd course of German Philology of the Petro Mohyla Black Sea State University. Participants of the contests received consolation prizes from the partner of the library - the Goethe Institute German Cultural Center in Ukraine. The students discovered many new facts, as well as enjoyed the "intellectual competition" during the event

November 11. Training "Overall Unity" to the Day of Tolerance for pupils of the 11th form of school №53. During the training the pupils discussed many issues of tolerance of different nations, told parables and took part in communicative games and various competitions. The training helped the pupils to tell each other about themselves and their good deeds.

November 6. Extracurricular lesson-journey "Stories that Mykolayiv Streets Tell" for junior pupils of school №53. During the lesson the children made a journey through the streets and districts of the native city, learned about the history of their names and about the prominent and memorable places. The pupils took part in the historical quiz "The streets of the native city" and watched a short film "My native Mykolayiv."


October 28. Literary-musical evening "Roads of memory" in association with the Regional Russian National Society "RUSICH"; the event was dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Ukraine's liberation from Nazi invaders. The children of war and veterans read their poems dedicated to the Great Victory. Folk songs as well as potpourris of front songs were performed by the ensemble "Veteran" attached to the territorial center for social services of Mykolayiv Central district. The event was accompanied by a slide show dedicated to the heroic spirit of fierce battles for the liberation of Ukraine in 1943-1944.

October 23. Historical lesson "Ukraine at the beginning of the Second World War. The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact" for students of Mykolayiv State College of Economics and Food Technology. During the event the causes and consequences of Second World War were discussed, the real facts of its beginning were revealed. Students watched a video dedicated to the Second World War and took part in the historical quiz.

October 21. Meeting of the discussion club on the topical theme "Patriotism is the fashion, or the consciousness of the nation" together with the students of the 11th form of Mykolayiv Naval Lyceum named after Professor M. Alexandrov. During the discussion the students made their reports, read patriotic poems, expressed their opinions and beliefs on the topic of the meeting. Examples of patriotism and pseudo-patriotism were presented with video clips "Patriots of Donbas", "Where is Ukraine situated", "Heroic women on the front". The greatest impression on the students was made by the video "I love Ukraine" of the modern Ukrainian band "TIK". Discussion deepened knowledge of the students and answered their questions.

Nobel poetic cycle - 1 year of age

Creative literary project "Nobel poetic cycle", which was established by the Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnyts'ky and Petro Mohyla Black Sea State University in October 2013, was 1 year of age.

Within a year in the context of the cycle events devoted to the winners of the Nobel Prize for Literature took place. Poems in different languages were recited as well as new facets of life and works of famous poets from different countries were revealed.

The second season of "Nobel poetic cycle" was open in October 21 with a literary evening "A Word that Creates Freedom", which was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Octavio Paz, the famous Mexican creator and Nobel laureate in 1990.

Octavio Paz is a Mexican poet, essayist and cultural scientist, translator, political writer, member of the Mexican Academy of Language, Honorary Member of the American Academy of Arts and Literature, honorary doctor of a number of American and European universities, laureate of national and international awards. His first book of prose became well known and popular all over the world; it was a collection of essays on the history and the Mexican national character "Labyrinth of Solitude" (1950). The most remarkable poems were included in the book of selected works "El fuego de cada dia" (1989) and formed 11 and 12 volumes of collections of his works. In Mexico Octavio Paz Foundation and the prize of his name for criticism and essays were established.

On the anniversary meeting the admires of poetry continued their acquaintance with Latin-American poetry, which stands out among others by its witticism and not ordinary reflection, as well as by increased sensitivity

The participants had the opportunity to listen to a live poetic word and dipped briefly into atmosphere of European and Eastern wisdom, motives of which merged into Octavio Paz's poetry in surprising ways. Verses of the outstanding Mexican poet were recited by the students of philological faculty of Petro Mohyla Black Sea State University and poetry admires in different languages.

The host and moderator of the meeting was Alexander Pronkevych, Ph,D., Professor, Director of the Institute of Philology named after Pertro Mohyla.

Extracurricular activities for the Day of Ukrainian Cossacks for pupils of Mykolayiv schools in the Central Library named after M.L. Kropyvnyts'ky

October 14. Lesson of courage "Magicians of the Zaporizhian army: Charagma Cossacks " for the students of 9 forms of Mykolayiv Navy Lyceum. Book exhibition "The Cossacks of the Zaporizhzhian Sich" and military paraphernalia of glorious Cossacks were presented. Pupils learn about the history, life and traditions of Ukrainian Cossacks and took part in the historical and drawings quiz.

October 17. Extracurricular lesson "Ukrainian knighthood - Charagma Cossacks" for the pupils of 6 forms of school №53. Children learn about interesting facts of the Ukrainian Cossacks' history, got acquainted with the book exhibition "Remember the glorious Cossacks" presented with Cossacks attributes, watched videos "Mystic Ukraine", "Charagma Cossacks ", listened to the Cossacks songs, and also took part in the quiz and historical intellectual game "Draw".

October 4. Lecture "Impossible passions in unimaginable worlds: the genre «Giallo» in European cinema 1960-1970's." for all filmgoers in the context of the program "History of Cinema" in the Central Library named after M.L. Kropyvnyts'ky. Bogdan Storoha, the curator of the meeting, Ph.D. (Poltava), spoke about 'Jallo" - the genre which was little known for now. During the lecture fragments from the films in this genre were shown. The organizer of the meeting was the Film Society «RealityShiftCinema».

Literary Tour of Olaf Kühl in Ukraine

October 3. Meeting of the German writer and journalist Olaf Kühl with Mykolayiv citizens in the Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnyts'ky.

Olaf Kühl is a known reviewer and literary critic, translator; he is also interested in history and political situation in Eastern Europe.

During the meeting there was a presentation of the writer's novels "Dead animals" and "True son." Both novels tell us about EU citizens' traveling to the "Wild East". The first novel "Dead animals", which was released by the publishing house «Rowohlt» in 2011, caused a great dissonance and debates in literary circles. This novel is the result of the writer's journey to Siberia on the scholarship "Flowing across borders" (Grenzgaenger), established by the Robert Bosch Foundation. This program gives authors the opportunity to put their ideas of writing books into practice, which are thematically go beyond one country and intended for a wide range of readers. The second novel "A true son", events of which take place in Kyiv, was released in 2013 in the same publishing house «Rowohlt». The novel was nominated for one of the most important literary prizes in Germany «Deutscher Buchpreis».

The author was introduced to the guests of the meeting by Christina B. Pavlyuk, Ph.D., assistant professor of the Department of Roman and Germanic Philology of the Petro Mohyla Black Sea State University. There was an interesting discussion with the author where passages from his novels were recited in plain Ukrainian.

The organizers of the meeting were the German cultural center «Goethe-Institute" in Ukraine and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

The event was attended by the students of Mykolayiv universities, intellectuals of the city and the readers of the library.


"The Territory of Unity" on the All-Ukrainian Library Day!

September 30. The All-Ukrainian action of reading aloud poems by Kobzar was held at the monument to Taras Shevchenko on the All-Ukrainian Library Day; during the action the library community of Mykolayiv and townspeople honored the memory of the great artist by reading aloud his poems. This event became one more action in the framework of the project of the Ukrainian Library Association "Read! Format doesn't matter!". The organizer of the action in Mykolayiv - the Council of Young Library Leaders of Mykolayiv Regional Library Association.

On the All-Ukrainian Library Day the Central city library named after M. L. Kropyvnyts'ky invited Mykolayiv citizens to the Open Day, which was held under the slogan "Libr@ry - the Territory of Unity". Near the library information platforms were located; among them were "The Library of Civil Action", "Mykolayiv is e-city", "Reading City", where the newest library services for different tastes were presented.

Joint initiatives of the library and public organizations of the city as well as projects aimed at the successful development of Mykolayiv community were presented on the platform "The Library of Civil Action".

Librarians shared their secrets on the comfortable use of electronic services on the platform "Mykolayiv is e-city". The flash mob "Taste e-services" (live advertising of e-services) also took place.

The magic "Reading City" appeared during the celebration of the Library Day. Also for citizens the "Literary Cafe" where organized where all had the opportunity to "enjoy" literary delicacy, take a virtual tour on the literary map of Mykolayiv, conveyed wishes to the library, take part in quizzes and competitions. In the "bookshop" everyone could buy a book for memory by favorite Mykolayiv author.

In the "Creative Pavilion" master classes on ribbon weaving of "friendship bracelets" and making Ukrainian wreaths took place.

This day every visitor found his own "Territory of Unity".

September 26. "German storytellers for children" for pupils of school №53 studying German; the event was dedicated to the works of the Brothers Grimm, Rudolf Erich Raspe, Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann and Wilhelm Hauff. Original texts of fairy tales were presented for children owing to the active support of the German cultural center "Goethe-Institute" in Ukraine. The children made a virtual tour along the famous fairy Marienstrasse street, learn about the peculiarities of German folklore, watched the animated versions of fairy tales and the so-called sand animation "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King" with the musical accompaniment of the famous waltz by P. Tchaikovsky.

September 17. Creative evening in the Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnyts'ky. The event was devoted to the 80 anniversary of Ilya M. Starikov, professor of psychology of the Mykolayiv National University named after V. Sukhomlyns'ky, honorary doctor of the National Academy of pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine.

Ilya M. Starikov combines his scientific and pedagogical work with the literary one. He is known as a master of the psychological novel and a historical belletrist. Presentation of the author's new book "Mysteries of Fate and Personalities" took place in the framework of the meeting; this book is a continuation of a series of historical and psychological novels "Mysteries of History", which became favorite for many Mykolayiv citizens. The book was published in 2014 in the publishing house "Ilion".

The guests got acquainted with the creative and scientific-pedagogical work of Starikov and his works published in Mykolayiv publishing houses. He shared his interesting life stories and creative ideas. In particular, new editions of the literary project "Gifted with Wisdom" about life and creativity of prominent people of Mykolayiv region were presented; a member of the Project's editorial board is Ilya M. Starikov.

Hero of the day was presented by Yuriy Lyubarov, the famous Mykolayiv journalist, author of local history projects.

The presentation was attended by friends, colleagues, admirers of his creativity, creative intellectuals of the city and mass media.

The organizers of the event were the Central city library named after M.L. Kropyvnyts'ky and Service Consulting Center "Private Equity".

September 16. The event "Ukraine is United Country" for pupils of the 7th form of school №53. Pupils got acquainted with the prominent cities of Ukraine, learned about interesting historical facts, folk life and customs of our country.

Libraries and citizens: Сelebrate City Day together!

September 13. In the framework of the City Day celebrations the Central City Library named after M.L Kropyvnyts'ky held the street action "Libr@ry - the Territory of Unity" for residents and guests of the city. The action took place from 12.00 to 17.00 in Radians'ka Street near the Chestnut Square. The Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnyts'ky introduced the newest services for different tastes and needs to everyone.

General initiatives of the library and public organizations of the city were presented on the platform "The Library of Civil Action". Center of social activity and partnerships demonstrated projects aimed at the successful development of Mykolayiv society. Activists of information-educational platform "New Mykolayiv" invited people who were not indifferent to familiarization with the project "City Live Strategy" and its discussion.

On the platform "Mykolayiv is e-city" librarians-"mistresses of electronic services" shared their secrets on how quickly and easily to address to the authorities, buy a train ticket, submit an online application for admission to the university, declare income online, sign a child in the electronic queue to the kindergarten, check personal data in lists of voters, make an electronic payment of pension and receive the statements from the pension department about imputed monthly pension, find a job in the Internet, etc. The flash mob "Taste e-services", live advertising of e-services ("sandwich man"), making biblio- tattoo "I love Mykolayiv" were organized in the "Kitchen of e-services".

The magic "Reading City" appeared in the main street of Mykolayiv during the celebration of the 225th anniversary of the city. In the "Literary Cafe" citizens could "savor" literary delicacies and make a virtual journey through the literary map of Mykolayiv. In the "bookshop" they also could communicate with the famous writers, ethnographers, book publishers of the city and buy a souvenir book of a favorite author with his autograph.

In the creative pavilion master classes on weaving with ribbon of "friendship bracelets" and making Ukrainian wreath took place.

Handmade-exhibition of creative works of participants of library clubs was organized for lovers of decorative-applied art; among them were beading, quilling, etc. To see a collection of the best books on local history and fiction for adults, children and teenagers was possible in the reading room "Book house" in the open air.

On the platform "Book Navigation Service" young citizens and their parents had the opportunity to get acquainted with information on modern services in city libraries for children.
Positive mood has been provided by interesting game and competitive programs with participation of puppets, rest for tired children's legs in comfortable arm-chairs with soft toys and books. Everyone could participate in the creation of collective installations under the slogan "Mykolayiv and Ukraine are United!".


September 12. Presentation of the book "Time chose us" by Leonid G. Sharaev, well-known statesman and social figure who has made a great contribution to the development of the region and the city of Mykolayiv; the event took place in the central library named after M.L. Kropyvnyts'ky in the framework of celebrating the 225th anniversary of Mykolayiv.

More than 30 years of Sharaev's work is dedicated to Mykolayiv region. At this time the city infrastructure, new businesses, the first high-blocks and transportation links were being actively developed. Military glory of the region was represented in the monuments. Mykolayiv shipyards launched ships which have become the pride of home shipbuilding industry. Later, while working in Kyiv, Sharaev became one of the organizers of Mykolayiv clannishness.

In his new book "Time chose us" the author shares his memories and thoughts about people, time and about himself - the generation of the war years, as well as about fellow-peers who have made their good mark, and about the difficulties of the independent way of sovereign Ukraine.

The book was published in 2014 in the publishing house of Iryna Gudym. It will be interesting to anyone who is interested in the history of his native city and Ukraine.

The meeting with Sharaev was attended by citizens, colleagues, co-workers, who worked with him, developed and equipped our region with modern amenities. Presentation of the book and communication with the author took place in the atmosphere of spiritual memories.

The presentation was attended by Yuriy I. Granaturov, Mykolayiv city mayor, representatives of regional and municipal authorities, honored workers of different fields of activity - economy, science, culture and education; honorable citizens of Mykolayiv, mass media, intellectuals.

September 11-12. Events "Our family is independent Ukraine" for the 5th and 10th forms of school №53. Pupils learned about the hard and thorny way of our country before obtaining independence, watched interesting documentary fragments of Adoption of the Act of Declaration of Independence of Ukraine. Everyone could leave his name on the map of Ukraine.

September 9. Regional journey "My Mykolayiv is a part of Ukraine" for pupils of the 11th form of Mykolayiv Maritime Lyceum. During the event the senior pupils made a virtual tour of the most prominent places in Mykolayiv, learned a range of interesting facts from the history of the native land as part of large independent Ukraine.

September 6. Heart-to-heart talk "Medieval Welsh prose as part of the Celtic literary tradition" (by the example of "Mabinogion" - a collection of Welsh legends of the XI-XII centuries). The participants had the opportunity to plunge into the world of Mabinogi – the archaic and fantastical world of fairy tales and legends; their plots are well-known owing to the novels by John Tolkien, Michael Murkock and Mary Stuart who are creators of fantasy. The meeting was held by Anna Muradova, the Celtologist, Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, researcher, specialist on Brythonic languages (Institute of linguistics of RAS, Moscow). The event was accompanied by a lecture, viewing cartoon on motives of "Mabinogion" and overall discussion.

September 5. The feast of the winners of the competition "Flight to the Fantasy planet". At the final event the children confirmed their new skills they have acquired in the creative Studio "Dreamer". After the entertainment program the winners and all active participants of the event were awarded by certificates, diplomas and prizes in the following nominations: "The most successful flight of fancy", "The youngest dreamer", "For acting technique", "For talent in singing".

September 1. To the Day of Knowledge the first lesson "Ukraine is United Country!" for the pupils of school №53, Mykolayiv Maritime Lyceum and gymnasium №2 was held in the Central city library named after M.L. Kropyvnyts'ky. The main goal of the lesson was to focus children's attention on the national unity of our country, remember national symbols and customs, and take a virtual tour over all magic parts of Ukraine. The lesson was held in the format of a dialogue, and pupils had the opportunity to express their opinion on the topic of the lesson: Ukraine is our native country, and it must be united, peaceful and prosperous.


During summer creative studio "Dreamer" worked in the context of the children's competition of ideas "Mission to the Fantasy Planet". At various workshops and creative lessons which took place in the studio children learned how to write poetry, write tales and stories, draw and decorate a personal diary, make greeting cards and origami, studied acting technique, singing, dancing, drawing, and most important - to think creatively and have fun with their schoolfellows. Despite the completion of the contest, the studio continues to work. During the year there will be master classes for children and adults. You are welcome!

August 28. Meeting of Andriy Sadovyi, the mayor of Lviv, with the public and activists of Mykolayiv.

Mykolayiv children are FOR Ukraine!

August 21. Mykolayiv City Palace of Culture "Youth" held a concert action to the Independence Day of Ukraine; in the context of the action the charity fair "Mykolayiv children - conscious choice FOR Ukraine!" was held in support of Mykolayiv 79th separate airmobile brigade.

The charity event was attended by patriotic Mykolayiv citizens! There were many people who wanted to help Mykolayiv heroes; as a result owing to the overall effort 12 thousand and 250 hryvnias were collected and 2 tablet computers were sent. At the end of the action everyone was invited to a large-scale action "Unity", during which all the participants decorated the park near the Palace with the yellow-blue ribbons.

August 21-23. Events for the Day of the State Flag of Ukraine and Independence Day of Ukraine in the Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnyts'ky.

A visiting holiday-event "Mykolayiv: pages of independence history" for Mykolayiv city shelter for the elderly and persons with disabilities.

The event was accompanied by literature review and dialogue on the topic "Mykolayiv: for free-will and freedom."

In the hall of the library there was a book-illustrative exhibition "Ukraine, your glory shone in centuries and in the gold accompaniment". Looking through the books' pages visitors of the library had the opportunity to plunge into contemplation at the time of great victories, ignominious defeats, great hopes and disappointments, which have befallen the Ukrainian people before they gained their independence.

In the services departments of the library there were the review "Modern Ukrainian literature – steps of the independence generation," thematic exhibition "The flag state is the pride and glory, which is a history symbol forever".


Mykolayiv librarians on the land of Estonia

In early July the staff of the Central Library named of M.L. Kropyvnyts'ky of Mykolayiv visited Estonian colleagues following an invitation made by the Central City Library of Sillamäe (Republic of Estonia)

For more detailed information and pictures of visit to Estonia address to the web-page of Central Library named after M.L.Kropyvnyts'ky on Facebook


June 27. VI Regional literature and song author contest for people with disabilities "Pearls of the South" in Mykolayiv Academic Art Russian Drama Theater. The competition was attended by 37 participants who presented their works in the genres of poetry, prose and author song. All present were able to watch the performances of the participants with a multimedia accompaniment. Many participants of the competition were awarded diplomas.
The event was attended by representatives of governments, institutions of culture, intellectuals and mass media.

Presentation of the book series "Mykolayiv crossroads"

June 20. Solemn presentation of the new publishing book series "Mykolayiv crossroads", established in the printing association "Shamrai". The event took place at the Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnyts'ky.
In the context of the series works of poetry, prose, drama, publicism, collections of young authors, books for young readers are published.
At the event the first five books of the series of well-known Mykolayiv authors D. Cremin' "Dry Fountain's Tears," N. Ivanova "For Luck", T. Svirs'ka "With Eternity Alone", L. Ratich "Sun Smile", E. Miroshnichenko "Steppe Hellas" were presented.
The event was attended by Taras Kremin', the chairman of the regional council, who noted the importance of such book series; he also stressed that the "pocket" format of collections is comfortable and everyone can read them anywhere. E. Miroshnichenko, a literary man, journalist, representative of the editorial board, PhD told the guests about the idea of ​​creating the book series. The book series "Mykolayiv crossroads" were presented by N. Zhurmy, the deputy director of the publishing house "Shamrai". A. Oleinikova, a composer and poet, member of the National Ukrainian Musical Unionshared her impressions about the creative partnership with the authors N. Ivanova and L. Ratich.
Admirers ofthe authors' works, intellectuals of the city, young poets, representatives of libraries listened to their both new and already known favorite poems. Songs based on the authors' poems were performed by A.Oleinikova, a composer and N. Zhurmy; musical video clips were also presented.

June 18. At the end of the first season of "Nobel poetic cycle" Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnyts'ky invited admires of poetry to the evening "I came here to sing ..." devoted to Pablo Neruda, the Chilean artist and Nobel Prize laureate in 1971. At this meeting the library began to familiarize bibliophiles with Latin literature, which is characterized by mythological motifs, natural purity and richness of vivid metaphors. Beautiful poetry and songs in different languages based on poems of the poet were presented in the evening; they were about love for the world, man, woman as well to America and all things without colors, textures and shapes which can be hardlyimagine in our life.
Moderator - Alexander Pronkevich, Ph.D.., Professor, Director of the Institute of Philology of the Petro Mohyla Black Sea State University.

June 10. Traditionally to the International Friendship Day Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnyts'ky opens summer reading room in the Park of Culture and Recreation named after G. Petrovs'ky.
On the day of grand opening visitors of the park, city libraries, children from summer school camps became the participants of the festival "Summer with a Book." During the festival everyone could find something for the good of own soul on a variety of leisure zones.
V. Maruschak, thefamous Mykolayiv poetess and author of wonderful children's books "The Author Reads" did a signing outdoor in a literary bench.
In the creative pavilion many boys became participants of the master class on weaving ribbons "Friendship Bracelet". On the sport alley children participated in darts competition "Literary Darts" and sports auction "Funny Ball Adventure."
Children played a variety of outdoor and table games, participated in a drawing contest "Let's Draw Summer" and book lottery "Literary Goodies", created an installation "Leave your name on the map of Ukraine." All active participants of games and competitions get encouragement prizes.
That day the action "Me + library = friends" took place; during the action anyone could become a reader of the Central Library named after M.L. Kropyvnyts'ky and receive a free library card for himself and friends.
During the festival children especially interested in taking a photoin a favorite hero costume.
All guests of the festival got acquainted with interesting periodicals, rating books and new literature.

June 1-5. V International Symposium "Literature. Children. Time "and Literary Festival for Children "Wonder Land" in Mykolayiv.

June 3. Master class "Creative Reading" in the Central Library named after M.L.Kropyvnyts'ky . The host of the event was Oksana Yablons'ka, children's writer. There was a panel discussion "Why do adults read children's books?" which was attended by representatives of libraries of the city. Moderator - Alexander Pronkevich, Ph.D.., Professor, Director of the Institute of Philology of the Petro Mohyla Black Sea State University.

June 4. Participants of the symposiumvisited a health club "Eaglet" (Rybakivka, Berezansky region), where organized author readings for orphans and children deprived of parental care from boarding schools of Mykolayiv regional council. The speakers of the event were: Dmitry Kremin', a poet and Shevchenko Prize laureate, Ulyana Gnydets', PhD and associate professor, Alexander Pronkevich, Ph.D. and Professor, and known Ukrainian authors of children's books – Volodymyr Rutkovs'ky, Galyna Malyk, Anatoly Kachan, Sashko Dermans'ky and Oksana Yablons'ka, workers of literature studies center for children and youth (Lviv), participants of scientific conference "Children's Literature in a Multicultural World" from Mykolayiv (Petro Mohyla Black Sea State University), Kyiv, Rivne and Berdiansk, as well as representatives of Mykolayiv Regional Library Association.
The authors of children's books arranged interesting meetings with children, gave their books to the library health center. During the meeting the children recited poems of our poets, sang Ukrainian songs.

June 5. Closing of the V International Symposium "Literature. Children.Time." and literary festival for children "Wonder Land" was attended by more than 50 literary critics who studied children's book. The Book Theatre "Spark" of the library-branch № 16 of CLS for adults in Mykolayiv presented a fragment from the play "Lelia" based on the fairy tale of the same name by L.Ukrainka. Librarians of thelibrary-branch and its best readers took part in the play.


Evening of Belarusian Poets' Creativity
«Вялікія майстры беларускага слова» ("Great Masters of Byelorussian Word")

May 30. For the first time in many years, the evening of Belarusian poets' creativity "Вялікія майстры беларускага слова" was held at the Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnyts'ky.
The initiative group of the Belarusian diaspora in Mykolayiv region became the organizers of the event; their task was to unite Mykolayiv Belarusians and revive national traditions of Belarusian culture. The partners of the eventwere the Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnyts'ky, Council of Nationalities in Mykolayiv region, Department of Culture, Nationalities and Religions of Mykolayiv Regional State Administration.
Poems of famous Belarusian poetsYanka Kupala, Yakub Kolas,Pimen Panchenko, Nile Gilevich, Anatoliy Vertinsky, Arkady Kuleshov, Gregory Baradulin, as well as works of Mykolayiv poets of Belarusian origin were performed at the meeting. They touched on the aspects of friendship between Belarusian and Ukrainian peoples, love for the motherland, nature, mother tongue; they also refreshed their memories on the World War II. Visitors of the event listened to recordings of the songs performed by Belarusian ensembles, watched videos about Belarus. Mykolayiv citizens of Belarusian origin and all those who were interested in culture of this amazing country played in public at the event.
The guests of the event were Alexander Pronkevich,director of the Institute of Philology of the Petro Mohyla Sea State University, Golter Vladimir Ilyich,deputy of Mykolayiv City Council, and representatives of national minorities of Mykolayiv region.
The exhibition of handicrafts made in the national folk style by the representatives of the Belarusian diaspora took place in the context of the event.

May 28.