November 29. Visiting event to the training center of the Naval Forces of Ukraine, where a virtual travel over Mykolayiv The City on the Palms of Two Rivers in the series of events The city where you serve was held. Military personnel from all over Ukraine were introduced to the history of Mykolayiv with its memorable places and famous people who glorified the city.

November 25, 27. History & Memory lessons Ukraine, 20th century, thirty-three devoted to the Day of Remembrance of Holodomor Victims, which was held on November 28 for the pupils of the 7th and 11th forms of school number 53.
The pupils learned about the terrible events of that time in the territory of Ukraine in 1932-1933., watched documentaries and listened to witnesses' memories.

November 26. Presentation of the book History for History. Book 3 of the famous Mykolayiv authors - E. Gorburov, the candidate of historical sciences, associate professor of Mykolayiv National University named after V.A. Sukhomlyns`ky, and K. Gorburov, the candidate of historical sciences. The event took place in the Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnyts`ky.
The publication of the third book continues the author's series of books with the collected essays on the historical events of XX-XXI centuries and our fellow countrymen who glorified Mykolayiv region by their labor feats.
The edition tells us about little-known and still unknown pages of our land`s history. The authors tell about the people who have reached success in various spheres of life: military, civil, sports, spiritual.
The book is illustrated with pictures and documents, most of which have not been previously published. It presents faleristic and numismatic rarities: tokens, medals, awards, which became the basis for writing some essays. The list of soldiers who were awarded the Order of Glory for the liberation of Mykolayiv region was published in this edition for the first time.
The book was published by the publishing house Shamrai in 2015.
Mykolayiv and Ochakiv Metropolitan, Bishop Pitirim, whose life and work one of the essays of the book was devoted, shared his impressions of the book.
A welcome speech was given by the hero of another essay - Vadim Krasnoshapka, the athlete trampoline gymnast, the European champion, World Champion, World Cup winner in synchronized diving, Honored Master of Sports.
Stories about the book`s essays were accompanied by video fragments and guests` discussions.
The pupils of Mykolayiv Regional Children's Art House, folk art collective of pop singing Dyvogray under the direction of Larysa Shepelevych, congratulated authors with the release of their new book.
By tradition, the authors donated their new edition to cultural institutions.
The event was attended by representatives of the authorities, city well-known honored workers of science, culture and education of Ukraine, intellectuals, librarians and mass media.

November 25. Poetic evening Autumn touched the soul. The event was held by the Faculty of Foreign Languages of Mykolayiv National University named after V.A. Sukhomlyns`ky (N. Kozak, Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor) together with the Mykolayiv regional center of German culture and the Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnyts`ky.
The program of the literary meeting included an acquaintance with life and creativity of British, American, German, French and Ukrainian poets, reciting poems in the original language and author translations by students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages. Performances of talented and gifted students didn`t remain guests indifferent. The event was attended by intellectuals, students, librarians and mass media.

November 24. Demonstration of the documentary performance The Cardiogram of Indifference by the Art clasS theatre. The performance is part of the project To live again. Theatre as an opportunity, which is realized by Mykolayiv regional public organization Dialogue together with the library in the framework of the project From destruction to creation. Ways of reconciliation in the Ukrainian society. The plot of the performance is based on interviews of ATO participants, displaced persons and Mykolayiv citizens, their documentary witnessing about the indifference of people. Purpose of the performance is to hit the importance of this issue over the fence, to encourage people not to remain indifferent to other people's problems. 
Director of the performance is a producer and dramatherapist - Larysa Kalinina.

November 22. Regular meeting of the Women's Club Waiting for the Miracle on the subject Mom, Dad and I are one happy family. Traditionally, over a cup of tea and sweets the participants discussed family stories, situations, acted scenes from family life and found answers to various questions with the help of experts - a teacher and psychologist.

November 21. Presentation of the book What is the antique philosophy? by Pierre Hadot, the famous French philosopher and translator of ancient works, Paris Professor. For the first time in Mykolayiv the event took place in the Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnyts`ky together with the Cultural Center New Acropolis devoted to the World Philosophy Day. 
The book What is the antique philosophy? (1995) is the result of long-term author`s researches of ancient texts, where he combines the experience of the most famous schools of philosophy and practices in one book.
The publication was first published in Ukrainian translated by S.Yesipenko - head of the History Department at the Institute of Philosophy of Ukraine named after S. Skovoroda of National Academy of Sciences in the publishing house of cultural center New Acropolis. Video story with the interpreter S.Yesipenko about the book, its preparatory process, the main ideas of the author - Pierre Hadot, were presented at the event. The participants joined the conversation on philosophical subjects and got the presented book What is the ancient philosophy?; they also participated in a philosophical quiz and got prizes - books of the publishing house New Acropolis.

Water resources of Mykolayiv as the potential of the city development

November 12-13. VIII Mykolayiv City Ecological Readings Let`s keep it for our descendants The subject of the readings: Water resources of Mykolayiv as the potential of the city development.
The annual environmental educational citywide event is held under the patronage of Mykolayiv mayor with the support of the Department of Environment and the Department of Housing and Communal Services of Mykolayiv City Council.
The main organizers of the event were the library of CLS for adults of Mykolayiv in partnership with the city cultural and educational institutions, public organizations and enterprises. Ecological Readings are supported by the Department of Housing and Communal Services of Mykolayiv City Council.

During the event in different blocks a series of informative meetings took place. Information and Research block was held in the form of a plenary session, where researchers and ecology activists presented their reports on the environmental problems of water resources and their state, as well as their use in various spheres of life; also they shared practical experience and familiarized with the volunteer initiatives and so on.
In the discussion block of the roundtable representatives of local self-governments, enterprises and organizations considered the issue of water resources` management, their efficient and rational use.
The work of social block was held in the open area New Mykolayiv, where the citizens and members of the public have expressed their points of view on the water prospects of the city to form a comfortable urban space and talked via Skype to share interesting ideas on the subject of discussions with environmental activists of Sillamae (Estonia).
The unique collection of insects of the southern region by Mykolayiv collector V. Ozeryanov was presented for the citizens for the first time.
On the eve of Ecological Readings the pupils of secondary schools took part in the quiz Water Resources of Mykolayiv Region. Then the final results of the quiz were announced and winners got their prizes.
The participants of the event took part in the informative excursion to the waste water treatment plant of Mykolayiv water-pipe and to historical and cultural monument of local importance Shukhov Tower (Guide - A. Shinkarenko, Forum Bench»).
Ecological Readings were attended by the representatives of state environmental agencies, institutions, government bodies and local self-government, objects of economic activity, cultural and educational institutions, public organizations as well as scientists, academics, teachers, students, schoolchildren, historians, journalists of the city, representatives of international funds, Ukrainian environmental NGOs.
Special guest of the event was I. Kutska - Deputy Head of the Department of Ecology and Accomplishment Control of the Khmelnytsky City Council.
The event was accompanied by the art photo exhibition Water, water, water everywhere! by A. Kremko, the Honored Journalist of Ukraine, as well as photo galleries of S.Gusev and D. Mats, book-illustrative exhibition Water Mykolayiv as the potential of the city development.
Upon the results of the Readings collection of reports, advertisement and information materials were published and addressed to public libraries and other cultural and educational institutions of Mykolayiv.

November 11. Evening Poetry Witness from the Nobel Prize Poetic Cycle, dedicated to the works of Czeslaw Milosz, the outstanding Polish poet, intellectual and the Nobel Prize laureate in Literature in 1980.
Lovers of poetry listened and read calm, thoughtful and somewhere ironic observations on the meaning of life, time, human memory, the past and future of the mankind.

November 3. Grand opening of a new social project Business English online for internally displaced persons.
This new service is for internally displaced persons who live in Mykolayiv and Mykolayiv region. Free English courses invited motivated and active young people aged 18 to 35 years old who had the status of internally displaced persons with basic English. The courses are supported by the US Embassy in Ukraine
The project is implemented together with the Mykolayiv City Charitable Foundation META From Joint Vision to Joint Actions. The partner of the project`s training component became Mykolayiv National University named after V.A. Sukhomlyns`ky. The specialists of the university have been selected by means of an open tender by the US Embassy; then they became lecturers.
The Project duration is 9 months, from October 2015 to June 2016. Language courses will be organized in two modules; each module consists of four months. The courses are organized using techniques of individual online learning and group conversational sessions. The project will be implemented on the basis of the network of CLS libraries for adults of Mykolayiv with providing trainees with internet places. Upon completion of the course all participants who successfully complete the basic course of business English will receive certificates.
The library initiative and assisting in attracting trainees was supported by the civilian agencies and organizations which were engaged in solving problems on social security and employment of disadvantaged persons; these include the Department of Social Protection of Mykolayiv Regional State Administration, Department of Labor and Social Welfare of Mykolayiv City Council, Mykolayiv Regional Employment Center, Mykolayiv Regional Organization of the Ukrainian Red Cross Society, Department of the State Migration Service in Mykolayiv region.
The event was attended by representatives of partner organizations, trainees and mass media.

November 3. Employees of the Central Library named after M.L. Kropyvnyts`ky conducted a top-presentation Books that make you think, which began a cycle of library activities for the students to promote reading. The event took place in the Petro Mohyla Black Sea State University. 
Participants of the event were students of the Faculty of Political Sciences of the Petro Mohyla Black Sea State University, who in an interesting form of communication acquainted with some of the most popular smart books, which were considered the top ones in different world rankings. Reading these books will help students to answer actual questions of modern society and give a true aesthetic pleasure.


October 24. New meeting of the woman`s club Waiting for a Miracle on the theme Conflicts in the family and possible ways to overcome them. The psychologist was also present at that meeting; he helped the participants in solving their problem questions and situations. Children spent their time playing games, drawing and playing the piano. At the end of the meeting they spontaneously arranged a concert with the help of the teacher; they recited verses by heart, sang songs and danced! The participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with a book review Conflict studies in the family relations as well as informative and vivid bookmarks How to prevent conflict in the family.

October 21. The opening of the third season of the Nobel poetic cycle. This time the evening was devoted to the works of Jaroslav Seifert, the remarkable Czech lyric poet and the Nobel Prize winner in 1984. The students of the Petro Mohyla Black Sea State University as well as poetry lovers recited the poems of the poet. The guests made a video tour of the Czech Republic, which was loved by the author.
The host and moderator of the meeting - Alexander Pronkevich, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, Director of the Institute of Philology of the Petro Mohyla Black Sea State University.

October 17. Open lecture of Yuri Mitrofanenko (Kirovograd), the candidate of historical sciences, author of the thesis on the ataman's movements in the twentieth century and the danger of separatism, scientific consultant on educational projects and public activist as well as Oksana Levkova (Kyiv), the director of the All-Ukrainian public organization Do not be indifferent!, producer of historical films, journalist, Candidate of Sciences in social communications. The words of Oksana Do not be indifferent! became the leitmotif of the meeting. They spoke about the hundreds of campaigns and actions which were held by public movement Do not be indifferent! in the period of 2005-2015 and aimed at promoting non-political formats in the Ukrainian language, literature and history; also everyone could learn interesting facts from the history of Mykolayiv and the contemporary life in Ukraine.
The event was attended by students, social activists, university lecturers, teachers and all those who interested in advanced methods of national-patriotic education.

October 5. Memory evening My poems are younger than me in the Scientific and Pedagogical Library of Mykolayiv devoted to the 10th anniversary of the death of Mykolayiv famous poet Emil Yanvaryov. Mykolayiv known writers and friends of the poet came to honor the memory of Emil Yanvaryov; they read their favorite poems of the author and sang songs based on his poems. The evening was held by Vyacheslav Kachurin. The Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnyts`ky presented from its collections the review of the literature Emil Yanvaryov: ... I stay with you and talk to you, my friends about creative and life path of the poet and his poetry collections.

October 3. Summing up the children's summer competition on literary works Read! Draw! Win!. The Grand Prix of the competition was awarded to Daniil Volkov for his work by the literary work of Lewis Carroll Alice in Wonderland. The winners of the competition in nominations became: Alyona Haprova - The Best Black and White Graphic, Dima Andreev - The Best Scriptwriter, Lisa Chepurko - A Humorist of Comic Contest, Lyubava Maloman - The Best Illustrator. All participants received diplomas and memorable gifts. The meeting began as a solemn ceremony but quickly turned into a cheerful communication and games in a relaxed atmosphere for a cup of tea with sweets.


September 17. Festive event dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the newspaper Evening Mykolayiv at the Mykolayiv Academic Art Russian Drama Theatre. During 25 years the Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnyts`ky closely cooperates with the newspaper. At that time the library had many general meetings, events and presentations. Vladimir Y. Puchkov is the editor in chief and permanent member of the Public Council of the Library.
On the anniversary of the newspaper Evening Mykolayiv the Library prepared the literature review Silver Strings of the Evening Mykolayiv, where the history of Vechorka formation as well as its modern life and achievements were presented. Guests of the festival were able to learn more about the journalists of the newspaper and get acquainted with literary works that came from their pen.

The Day of the City. Street action Visit Library Harbor!

Traditionally, for the 10th consecutive year, the Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnyts`ky participates in the City Day`s celebration.
September 12. The Day of the City - 2015 was held under the slogan Mykolayiv - sails of Ukraine; during this day the library organized a street action Visit Library Harbor! in Radians`ka Str. near the Chestnut Square. A great number of events were waiting for the citizens on this festive day. In the center of the city different thematic zones were organized, where services for different tastes and needs were presented.
Discussion about the vision of the city in the open area New Mykolayiv took place; it was devoted to the library cooperation with the local community and the public sector where social projects implemented in Mykolayiv were presented. Active citizens were able to participate in an open microphone and talk with community activists.
In the area Library navigation in the electronic sea an acquaintance of citizens with the most modern electronic services of the state and regional levels available in the libraries of the city took place. Advertising of e-services was presented in various forms like installations and competitions as well as advertising.
Excursion in the old city for all comers with the participation of the NGO Forum Bench and web-site Mykolayiv Bazaar took place under the literary sails. The role of the guide was performed by Dmitry Oransky, who told about the history of Admirals`ka str., which is one of the most vivid streets of Mykolayiv and a kind of open-air museum.
The guests of the action visited the Literary Café where they could enjoy literary delicacies. In the bookshop everyone could buy products provided by local publishers and authors.
During the street action Open Air Be on the wave - read Mykolayiv book! there was a festive procession of Mykolayiv poets, writers, publishers and local historians together with young librarians from the Chestnut Square to the Children's Town Fairy Tale. Everyone could get acquainted with local writers, buy books, get autographs and take pictures with the authors of Mykolayiv on a ship under the scarlet sails in the Children's Town Fairy Tale.
Needlework fans had the opportunity to participate in a master class on making postcards to commemorate the Day of the City.
This year the Day of the City coincided with the friendly visit of specialists of the Central City Library of Sillamae (Republic of Estonia) to Mykolayiv. Elvira I. Sidorova - the Library Director, and Tatiana Lapina the head of the Acquisition Department, visited the Library Harbor and took part in the festivities.
The inhabitants of the city took part in quizzes, competitions and installation Creating own brand of the hometown, wrote their wishes on a flipchart to Mykolayiv Seven feet under the kill to Mykolayiv!!!

September 3. Improvisational Theater of Situations continued its work after summer holidays and vacations; the theatre was organized in the library under the project Library Theatre for Dialogue and Understanding Let`s listen to each other. Theater Classes were visited by its new participants - students of Mykolayiv faculty of Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts.
Coach L. Kalynina conducted training on the formation of a new team.

September 1. The first lesson of patriotism We are all one nation for pupils of 7, 10 and 11 forms of school 53 in the Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnyts`ky. Schoolboys were touched by the subject of the lesson because among the graduates of the school there were some who had died in the battlefield in the area of a so-called anti-terrorist operation. This year a memorial plate was installed there. During the lesson the children learned some interesting facts about our country: Ukrainian inventions, prominent Ukrainians, beautiful and unique places of our country, cultural heritage, etc. Particular attention was focused on the volunteer movement in Ukraine and the region. At the event the pupils read aloud modern and classical poetry, participated in a geography quiz.


August 21. The Day of Kindness and Mercy "Literary talents of the native land" took place in Mykolayiv city shelter for the elderly and disabled people. The event was devoted to the Independence Day of Ukraine. Historical hour "The rise of culture of Mykolayiv region for years of Independence" was held with a cup of tea in a friendly atmosphere, songs about the native city and humorous pieces of P. Glazovoi were performed by the ensemble of amateurs "Veteran" attached to the territorial center of the Central District of Mykolayiv. The event was accompanied by the review of literature "Citizens-writers for citizens-readers."

June 24 to August 12. Staff of the Youth Subscription of the Central City Library named M.L. Kropyvnyts'ky organized a series of events "Bright Summer" for children of Mykolayiv center for social and psychological rehabilitation of children. Master classes, quests, games, reading aloud, activities on ethical and environmental education was not only interesting and informative, but also mutually enriched the hearts of the participants with joy, warm and companionship. Each child received a symbolic gift a heart-label; and now two children's groups have three-dimensional collages with high points of the meetings. Special thanks for the help in preparing the materials for creative activities and literature the Library expresses to German Cultural Centre "Goethe-Institute in Ukraine."

August 9. The library was visited by conscripts who had military training in Mykolayiv. Historical excursion "City of St. Mykolay" as part of a series of events "The city where I serve" was conducted for them. Defenders of the Motherland learned interesting facts about the history and present of our city, its naval glory, as well as about the founder of Mykolayiv - Grygoriy Potyomkin. The story was accompanied by a video demonstration.
Soldiers had a tour of the library halls, where they got acquainted with the exhibition of paintings by Mykolayiv artists, exhibits of the library "Literary Museum in Potyomkins'ka str.", familiarized with the novelties of literature, played chess and checkers. Using the possibilities of Electronic Information Department, the guys who came from different parts of Ukraine, were able to communicate with family and friends via the Internet.


July 23. Ushakovs Readings devoted to the Day of Memory of Admiral F. Ushakov. The event was organized by public figures Zoya I.Shatalova and Valery F. Faleev. The participants played the pieces in roles about the life and military activity of Ushakov, read poetry and prose, familiarized themselves with a review of the literature Pages of Life of Admiral Ushakov. Zoya I.Shatalova donated the set of her books The Bell of Memory and publications for the blind in Braille to the City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnytsky.

July 21. In the framework of the project Correspondence subscription of the Goethe-Institute in Ukraine the director of the department Information and Library of the Goethe-Institute in Ukraine Susanne Teichmann with her assistant Anna Zhuravleva for the first time made a friendly visit to the Central City Library named after M.L.Kropyvnytsky. A working meeting was held in a relaxed atmosphere. The guests got acquainted with the activities and projects in the library, donated artistic and academic literature in German and Ukrainian translations, local history books, colorful posters and interesting materials for the workshops. In the future the library will continue to work jointly on the popularization of German language and culture. We invite everyone to take advantage of the received literary and multimedia novelties from the Goethe-Institute in Ukraine.

July 4. Creative studio Dreamer held a master class on creating comics for everyone who wanted to take part in the comics competition Read! Draw! Win!. During the event the participants learned a lot of interesting facts about the heroes and the history of comics, and most importantly learned how to create them step by step. Participants of the master class have tried to paint the emotions and the body in motion, and even came up with their superhero! Through the event the participants determined for themselves their kind of comics and drawing style to use in their work.


June 25. VII Regional Author Song and Literary Contest for people with disabilities Pearls of the South. The event took place at the Mykolayiv Academic Art Russian Drama Theatre

45 contestants took part in the contest; they prepared and presented their creative items in one of three traditional genres: 11 participants sang author's songs, 26 prepared author's poetic cycle and

8 read prose. Seven contestants participated in the competition for the first time.

The event was accompanied by the exhibition of creative works of people with disabilities in the region.

Mayor of the city Yuri Granaturov presented the awards to the contestants from the Mykolayiv City Council and wished success and promised to continue to support such events.

June 24. The close of the second season of the Nobel poetic cycle. Literary evening Between East and West , dedicated to the works of Greek laureates of the Nobel Prize for Literature - Yorgos Seferis and Odysseas Elytis.

Participants of the meeting heard and read the original lyrics of prominent Greek poets, performed in bright colors, sounds and smells, dedicated to human life in the world of love and freedom.

June 3-19. Within the framework of the program Summer with a book there were a lot of boys and girls in Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnyts'ky; there was children's laughter and cheering. During the entertaining and informative program Vacation in the Library 20 public events for 770 pupils from schools in different districts of the city (MMC, schools number 53, 3, 31, 32, 51, 19, 7, Ohr Menachem) were held. The children learned a lot of useful facts, played a variety of educational games, quizzes, watched cartoons and spent their leisure time usefully and with interest. Schoolchildren took part in various activities on literary and historical subjects, as well as about the ancient world, the rules of etiquette, anatomy; they also participated in master classes on plyamografiya and making bookmarks.

June 17. Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnyts'ky organized 5th jubilee opening of the Summer Reading Room, which was held in the Literary Park near the library.

Children from summer school camps became the participants of the festival Summer with a book. During the event they could find something to their liking on a variety of leisure areas.

With great joy children took part in the entertaining and gaming program held by the partners of the festival - students of Mykolayiv branch of Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts.

Workshop Let's make gifts together worked on the creative area where master classes on making rubber bracelets and on quilling Postcard for a friend took place.

On the playground children played a variety of table games, took part with interest in the literary lottery Recognize a literary hero and showed their worth in solving crossword puzzles. Active participants of games and competitions got consolation prizes.

All attendees of the festival got acquainted with interesting periodicals, bestsellers, literary novelties presented on the review Book is the best friend and companion.

Summer outdoor reading room will continue to work during summer in the Literary Square from Wednesday till Friday,10 a.m. -4 p.m.

June 9. Meeting with Vladislav Ivchenko, the Ukrainian writer and journalist, multiple award winner of the contest The Coronation of the Word , winner of the competition Novell in Ukrainian (2014).

The meeting was held within the framework of the All-Ukrainian tour of Vladislav Ivchenko in support of books The Best Detective of the Imperia at the Great War and The Best Detective and the Fall of the Empire (Publishing house Tempora , 2014)

Photos by
photojournalist Saikovs'ky

June 6. Lecture Classical Japanese Cinema from the frequent guest of the library, partner, Candidate of Philosophical Sciences - Bohdan Storoha (Poltava). The lecture was held in the framework of the film club RealityShiftCinema for all movie lovers and devoted to the history of Japanese cinema as part of the program shows Asian cinema.

Discover new names in the literary world

June 4. Acquaintance with a young Mykolayiv writer Liya Shcheglova, through a series of meetings New literary names.

Liya Shcheglova (stage name of Julia Chepurko) is the author of three books: Angels come at night (2012), Who needs the truth (2012) and The marriage contract (2015); the books were published by the Minsk publishing house Bookmaster.

The talented and creative writer is known by many people as the organizer and coordinator of the Ukrainian project Librarians recommend aimed at promoting books and reading in general. So this time Liya tried to acquaint the audience with her works.

The author's new novel The marriage contract was presented at the event. This is the third book of the writer. Modern keenly novel is written on the cover of the book. The book is really exciting: quick change of events, extraordinary adventures of the heroine, a furious stream of feelings and emotional drive.

In the course of communication an acquaintance with the hopeful writer and her creative achievements took place.

On June 3. Literary action Farewell to Arms in the framework of the Nobel poetic cycle where anti-war poems and prose of the Nobel Prize Laureates in Literature were performed.

At the meeting all participants took part in a frank conversation about the horrors of the war and the eternal human values ​​- mind, love and freedom.


May 28. Premiere of the documentary play One Day in the Life: February 13, 2015 in the Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnyts'ky. The theater of improvisation and situations presented its works; it was organized attached to the Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnyts'ky in the framework of the project The Library Theatre for Dialogue and Understanding Hear each other with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation.

The project aims to address the current issue of our time - the formation of tolerance in the city community, promotion of social and psychological adaptation to the new environment of internally displaced persons from the eastern regions of the country.

During 4 months participants of the Theatre were involved in various trainings on stage speech, stage movement, acting technique, where they mastered modern techniques and methods of staging theatrical performances.

The outcome of the project was staging of the documentary play, the plot of which was based on the interviews of internally displaced persons and Mykolayiv citizens as well as documentary testimonies about contemporary events in the country. The purpose of the performance was to show people the real problems of our time and inform the audience the importance of these issues, encourage them not to remain indifferent to their solution and elimination. This performance was played by ordinary people, amateur actors - young and talented young men and women, people of mature age, residents of Mykolayiv, including internally displaced persons.

Stage manager of the performance - director L.A. Kalinina, producer and dramatherapist.

The event was attended by representatives of public organizations, internally displaced persons, youth, intellectuals of the city and the media.

May 26. Presentation of the book Works and Days of Old Russian Icon Painter by Leonid M. Shkaruba, Mykolayiv author, icon experts, candidate of philological sciences, master of woodcarving. The event took place in the Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnyts'ky devoted to the Day of Slavic Writing and Culture.

This monograph became one more key asset in the author's heritage. Thanks to his persistent scientific research, enthusiasm in writing books devoted to the iconography, scientists and artists talk about Mykolayiv as the city where iconography and the art of icon painting are especially honored.

The participants learned about the interesting facts of the art and life of ancient painters, about the history of iconography, the main iconographic subjects and rules of their making.

During the meeting the guests discovered the diversity of the author's talents; he is a wonderful teacher, philologist, icon painter and talented woodcarver.

The participants of the presentation were offered a book exhibition of Orthodox literature Under the Arches of the Magnificent Temple and Before the Saint Image from the funds of the Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnyts'ky as well as the exhibition of publications by L.M. Shkaruba on icon painting. The participants were impressed by the exhibition of art and crafts works made by the author in his original technique - wooden embroidery .

The event was attended by the senior priest of St. Spiritual Temple and Archimandrite Barnabas (Gladun), as well as by the prose writer Anatoly Malyarov; the poet Arkady Surov and museologist Lydia Odegova were also present at the event.

The guests of the presentation were also admirers of iconographic art, representatives of creative intelligentsia of the city and the media.

May 22. 175th anniversary of the birth of Marko Lukych Kropyvnyts'ky, the famous Ukrainian playwright.

Commemoration evening The Great Ukrainian Marko Kropyvnyts'ky dedicated to celebration of the anniversary of the famous countryman.

During the grand opening of the event Mykolayiv famous poets and writers, researchers and admirers of Marko Lukych Kropyvnyts'ky acquainted citizens with the multifaceted life and work of the founder of the Ukrainian theater, brilliant actor, composer, singer, teacher, high master of artistic expression. The audience was pleasantly surprised by the video greeting made by Igor A. Kropyvnyts'ky, the grandson of the prominent activist; he is a photographer, journalist, composer and musicologist (Kyiv). Acquaintance with the artistic heritage of the coryphaeus was accompanied by booktrailers submitted for the contest The great word of Marko Kropyvnyts'ky, the outstanding fellow-countryman initiated by the library.

The guests were invited to listen to the literary-musical composition Marko Kropyvnyts'ky, the outstanding personality of the Ukrainian culture prepared by creative collectives of Mykolayiv branch of Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts. Everyone could enjoy the melody of folk singing performed by the Ukrainian Folk Choir named after N. Arkas under the direction of E.A. Shpachyns'ky, the honored worker of culture of Ukraine; all the guests also enjoyed playing of folk instrument orchestra, performances of vocal and dance groups. Stage manager of the theatrical performance - L.A. Kalinina, Candidate of Pedagogic Science, producer and drama-therapist, Docent of the Leisure and Cultural Activity Department of the National Shipbuilding University.

Book exhibition Coryphaeus of the Ukrainian scene: in their life, work and memoirs, ethno-folk exhibition From the treasury of folk immortal source from the Ukrainian Museum of Antiquities of the library-branch 18 of the CLS for adults, photo exhibition From a long line of the Ukrainian theater's stars , documentary rarities Theatrical Mykolayiv from the funds of Mykolayiv Regional Local Lore Museum, private collections of local lore historians and collectors - Y.I. Lyubarov and V.A. Yurlov, wooden embroidery by folk craftsman L.M. Shkaruba, memorial exhibition The library that bears his name became an art accompaniment for the anniversary celebrations.

At the end of the evening the guests were treated to Ukrainian holiday sweets, in particular a cherry pie made in the best traditions of Ukrainian cuisine and presented under the patronage of N.V. Ivanova, head of the agro-industrial enterprise Golden Ear .

The event was attended by representatives of the authorities, local historians, employees of institutions of culture, education, creative intellectuals and students.

Photos by
photojournalist Saikovs'ky

War and Peace - eternal confrontation

Poetry evening War and Peace - eternal confrontation dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the victory over Nazism in Europe and the European Day. It was the third meeting of the joint project promoting the world culture. The event was hold by the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​of Mykolayiv National University named after V.A. Sukhomlyns'ky together with the Mykolayiv Regional Center of German Culture and the Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnyts'ky.

The memorial evening is just a part of a great tribute of respect to the memory of all fallen heroes. This is a small attempt to combine such seemingly opposite but closely related concepts - war and peace. The highlight of the meeting was the literary acquaintance with English, German, French and Ukrainian poets: Yayati Madan G. Gandhi, Victor Hugo, Henry Longfellow, Arthur Rimbaud, Rosanna Maish, Claudia Henkel, Hans Dieter Husch, Valentyna Popelushko, Nadia Krasotkina; the participants recited poems in their original language and author translations of students.

A nice gift for all the guests and participants of the evening was presentation of the collection of literary translations War and Peace - eternal confrontation , which contains biographies of the poets and their poems in four languages.

May 15. Pupils of school 1 named after O. Olzhych took a virtual tour of the European countries. This was an interesting event dedicated to the Europe Day; it was supported by the project Correspondence subscription of the Goethe Institute in Ukraine. On an impromptu ship Marko Kropyvnyts'ky children visited the main countries of Europe, learned about their traditions and a lot of interesting facts. In each country students had various cognitive tasks. For example, in Greece - they read ancient myths on behalf of the gods Zeus and Athena, in Italy - had a boat with gondolier, in Germany - made a map of the country from puzzles, in France - participated in a fashion show and in the United Kingdom read comic poems-limericks in the original language.

May 8. Festive musical poetry evening The war is far away but the memory is still with us , dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the victory over Nazism. At the event attendees listened to songs and read poetry of the war years, shared their memories of those heroic times.

May 8. Opening of the creative studio Red Poppies are flowers of memory. Learners of the University of the Third Age and the masters of the reader's association School of Needlework learned how to make by their own hands the symbol of victory - a red poppy.

May 7-8. Memorial lesson Victorious May for pupils and teachers of the evening school 5 and school 53. They got acquainted with the heroic history of our people during the Second World War, courageous Mykolayiv citizens, history of the new symbol of the Victory - a red poppy.

Open-air event in memory of those killed in World War II White Crane is a paper symbol of peace

7-8 May. Open-air event devoted to the Day of Remembrance and Reconciliation, as well as the 70th anniversary of the victory over Nazism in World War II White Crane is a paper symbol of peace. Pupils of school 53remembered once again the historical events before the beginning of World War II (1939 - 1945), about its tragic denouement and terrible victims of Nazism. Together with the moderators of the event and teachers, the children honored the heroism of the Ukrainian people and the combat brotherhood of the United Nations rallied to combat the disaster. The children joined the all-European tradition of honoring the memory of war victims using red poppies.

With great enthusiasm and pleasure children also participated in a workshop on making paper cranes, which became the symbols of peace owing to a young Japanese girl Sadako Sasaki who suffered from the effects of atomic bomb attack on Hiroshima in August 1945.

To the Day of Remembrance and Reconciliation, and the 70th anniversary of the Victory over Nazism in World War II the events from the series Spring of Liberation took place.

May 5. Lesson of memory Mykolayiv during World War II for pupils of Or Menahem school. The children listened to new information about the holiday on May 9, about the exploits of our compatriots during World War II, read poems and sang songs of the war years.


April 25. Opening of a new club "Waiting for a miracle" in the Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnyts'ky. The club was organized for girls, women, pregnant or preparing for pregnancy seeking information about pregnancy, childbirth, newborn care as well as about family and child. The first meeting was devoted to the "harmonious development of the family." In a homelike atmosphere different questions were discussed; consultations with a specialist psychologist and educator were held. Review of books and video presentation were also presented at the meeting.

Book Forum - 2015

The Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnyts'ky traditionally holds an annual exhibition of local publishers "Mykolayiv Book" to the World Book and Copyright Day, which is celebrated on April 23.
Over a period of 13 years the library's initiative is supported by the Department of Information and Communication Activities of Mykolayiv Regional State Administration and by the Directorate for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Mykolayiv City Council.
The current book forum includes a wide range of cultural activities to promote local publishers, authors, books and reading among citizens. The venue for the main events of the exhibition has traditionally become the Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnyts'ky. Mykolayiv Regional Library for Children named after V. Lyagin, Central City Library for children named after Shura Kober and Vitya Khomenko, Scientific Pedagogical Library of Mykolayiv also helped to conduct the exhibition under the initiative of the Mykolayiv Regional Library Association.
The exhibition 2015 presents 18 publishers including 5 university centers for publishers.

April 21-24. Residents and visitors of the city had the opportunity to get acquainted with the exposition of the exhibition, where various book editions were presented; among them were novelty books, Mykolayiv book editions in retrospect including unique regional editions, the best polygraphic copies, which were read from generation to generation of Mykolayiv citizens; these editions remained only in the libraries' funds and private collections.
During four days in the libraries of the city presentations of art, publicistic, scientific and local history editions were held as well as new theater and television projects of famous Mykolayiv citizens were presented; also various discussions, meetings with writers, historians and ethnographers took place.
Theater session "Modern Ukrainian Drama. "Non-recommended Verbets" took place on the evening of the opening. The event was devoted to an actor, playwright and producer Albert Verbets where his new book "From night to night" was presented.

April 22. On the Day of Local History Book a literary-publicistic podium "We are painters of sea-scapes!" dedicated to the 5th anniversary of the All-Ukrainian Writers' Union took place. Journalist Inga Horzhevskaya presented television projects "Case " and "Sacred memory", which served as the basis for creating a book about the fate of Mykolayiv citizens and events of our city. The literary anthology of Mykolayiv "Life Force of Elegia" took place on the discussion platform of scientific and pedagogical library.The city where I serve
Soldiers had a tour of the library halls, where they got acquainted with the exhibition of paintings by Mykolayiv artists, exhibits of the library "


July 23. Ushakovs Readings devoted to the Day of Memory of Admiral F. Ushakov. The event was organized by public figo, scrollbars=yes, status=no, menubar=no, resizable=yes, width=760, height='+screen.availHeight+'');void(0)">new pages of our region, in particular Olvia, and got acquainted with new scientific spadework of history researcher Mykolay Mykolayiv. In Mykolayiv Regional Library for children named after V. Lyagin the benefit of children's books took place; young readers got acquainted with new books of Mykolayiv writers Strepan Chigintsev, Tatyana Svirs'ka, Alexey Kvasha, Nadezda Shchedrova.
The "poetic Friday" was accompanied with creative meetings with poets Tatyana Svirs'ka, Oleg Duhovny and Olga Svirs'ka.
"Mykolayiv Book 2015" was accompanied by the documental exposition "Mykolayiv during the Second World War of 1939-1945", exhibition of graphic arts "From night to night" by Lyubov Mykolayiva, subject-documentary exhibition "Literary Museum in Potyomkins'ka Street." All the guests had the opportunity to express their suggestions on the video project "Wish to Mykolayiv Book!!!" and listen to the recordings of the cultural and literary life of the city in the library audioblog "Sound Silhouette of Mykolayiv."

April 11. In the context of celebration of the fifth anniversary of the film club RealityShiftCinema all movie lovers visited a lecture "Philosophy of blockbuster" by the Candidate of Philological Science Bohdan Storoha (Poltava); the lecture was devoted to the bright phenomenon of modern cinema - blockbuster.
All the guests were able to learn in detail about the features and advantages of the blockbuster as the progressive trend in the movie, to find not only the well-known names and characters in it, but also something fresh that transform your relationship with such kind of movie.

April 9. Charity event "Kind Hearts Day" for pupils of the 5th form of school 53. The pupils learned about the tradition of different amulets, their symbolism and special importance for the soldiers who defend their homeland. The children enthusiastically created the angels who would be amulets for the defenders of the 79th separate airmobile brigade. Also they created a holiday postcard with sincere wishes to the soldiers for Easter

April 8. Poetry evening "Poetry under the wing of the Blue Bird" from the "Nobel poetic cycle". The meeting was devoted to the works of the prominent playwright and philosopher, laureate of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1911, the Belgian Maurice Maeterlinck.
At the event all the guests were introduced to the works of Maurice Maeterlinck, which were a part of the best symbolic poetry of the late 19th century; they also viewed in detail his famous philos