"It seems to me that they provide some direction for a person. So that love, light and goodness, positive emotions arise," the first personal exhibition of the artist Iryna Darienko "Berehynia of Beauty" opened in the Central City Library named after M. L. Kropyvnytskyi. 

Beauty is an abstract concept that brings pleasure and gives a feeling of pleasantness. Beauty created by man reflects the harmony of one's own existence and environment. For example, an atmosphere of comfort and aesthetics can be created with the help of interior paintings. Today, such a tandem of painting and design has become a fashionable accent art direction.

On September 15th personal exhibition of the artist Iryna Darienko "Berehynia of Beauty" opened in the Central City Library named after M. L. Kropyvnytskyi. This is the eleventh exhibition of the "Berehynia of Ukraine" creative cycle.

For her first personal exhibition "Berehynia of Beauty", Iryna Darienko prepared 18 interior paintings that depict the beauty of the animal and plant world. The author also presented painted landscapes and still lifes. The rich color scheme of the paintings and the game of contrasts play a decisive role in the artist's work. After all, such works are designed to evoke positive emotions in the audience and help them follow their dreams.

"Pani Iryna is our active reader. She was immediately included in the "Berehynia of Ukraine" project, which has been ongoing since August 2022 at the initiative of the director of the Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnytskyi Inha Khorzhevska. That is why we offered Iryna Darienko to become the "Berehynia of Beauty" with her interior paintings. After all, interior paintings are primarily beauty. Beauty that is created to please the eye, so that we mentally enjoy art," says Valentyna Kryvtsova, head of the cultural and artistic association "Art-spokusa".
All the paintings presented in the exposition were painted by the artist during the war. Since Ukraine today is full of pain, endless moans, Iryna really wanted to fill the world around her with light, goodness and positivity, the desire to live.

"It seems to me that they provide some direction for a person. So that love, light and goodness, positive emotions arise," says Iryna Darienko.
The source of inspiration for the artist is Ukrainian nature and family.
"This is such beauty! Wherever you turn, everywhere you look, inspiration is everywhere. More I do a bit of collecting medicinal herbs and when I go out, it's impossible to stop... from this beauty, from this state of happiness and euphoria that you get. It seems to me that my last name Darienko is for a reason. I sign my paintings Dar Iryna. Because it is a divine gift," emphasizes the artist.
Iryna felt a desire for visual arts in her early childhood. Later in life there was a period of decline in creative activity. But she continued to do her favorite thing at a professional level, painting the interiors of private houses, kindergartens and play centers, restaurants and cafes. But Iryna Darienko felt the need to directly paint pictures when she was quite mature.

Before the war Iryna had the forests of the neighboring Kherson region that were the places of strength where you feed on vital energy. Today, she prefers to recover in her native neighborhood of the city, Shyroka Balka, on the river bank, collecting medicinal herbs.
The Honored Artist of Ukraine, Oleksandr Sychov, gave the audience an extraordinary mood. His songs complemented the romantic atmosphere of the opening ceremony of Iryna Darienko's first personal exhibition.
Iryna Darienko was born in Mykolaiv in 1970. After graduating from school, she entered the Mykolaiv Vocational School No. 7, in the speciality "decorator-designer". Later, she graduated from the Mykolaiv Polytechnic University, worked for almost 20 years at the Mykolaiv Sea Trade Port as a designer.

The creative growth began in 2005. The main attention was paid to painting, as well as design and interior painting. Since 2013, the artist cooperated with the children's entertainment center "Luntik" of the "Metalurh" cultural center, where she taught drawing to the youngest artists.
During the war, Iryna Darienko was inspired to start painting again. It is through her work that the artist tries to show that one should live and enjoy every day, believe in goodness and continue to dream. Today, the author's dream came true, because for the first time she is presenting her personal exhibition of interior paintings "Berehynia of Beauty".


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