On January 12 the Central City Library named after M.L.Kropyvnytskyi was visited by students of the Ukrainian Leadership Academy with a Vertep (Christmas nativity scene).

Girls and boys from fifteen regions of Ukraine took part in the festive event. The ideological inspirer of the event, a native of Lviv region Ostap Pavlenko modernized it a little bit. He addressed the topic that worried Ukrainians the most today - quarantine restrictions related to coronavirus infection COVID-19. Although the leitmotif of the Vertep was still traditional.

“It has to do with my personal family traditions. I was born in Lviv region and we make a Vertep every year. The academy also has such a tradition. This is a very good opportunity to spread our culture in the south of Ukraine, in Mykolaiv region. And I decided that it is worth, so to say, to modernize the Vertep. Therefore, I touched upon the global issue of the spread of coronavirus infection. Here are the problems of communication between people as well as quarantine restrictions. Of course we have a conscious community. There are no random people among us. Therefore, absolutely everyone willingly agreed to participate. This is a good way to turn to the ancient Ukrainian traditions," Ostap Pavlenko said.

Director of the Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnytskyi Inha Khorzhevska, while thanking young people for an extraordinary and festive spectacle, emphasized that smart and educated youth were the future of our country.

"We are very happy to meet you again. Thanks to you, Ukrainians are confident in the happy future of our country. Because there are people like you. Thank you! ” said Inha Khorzhevska.

See more about the event here

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