Crossroads, the cozy light of night windows and lanterns - whether summer or autumn, or winter, and maybe spring, you go and admire the city in which you live or still dream to live in.

"The City of My Dreams" is the title of Leonid Yashchenko's exhibition, which was opened at the Potiomkinska Art Gallery on December 15.

The exposition consists of 17 works. They were painted in different years. In each of them, Mykolaiv appears before the viewer both realistically and fantastically. Leonid Yashchenko deliberately avoids copying urban landscapes. The artist tries to rethink everything he sees, while giving free rein to imagination. In his paintings everyone will find something of his own, which makes your heart hurt and nostalgic. The artist seems to invite us on a tour to visit familiar corners of Mykolaiv on the one hand and at the same time little-known ones. Cozy courtyards with slightly open decorated gates, old, creaking stairs immerse us in memories and reflections. Domes of temples, combined with modern high-rises in the city center and cars rushing somewhere, pensive and romantic citizens walking with noisy trams, covered with snow or decorated with flowering trees in the streets - everything close and dear to us.

"I think that if Leonid Yashchenko's works were not only in our library, if Mykolaiv citizens could see his works everywhere we would all become better. And our city would become better, "- said the director of the Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnytskyi Inha Khorzhevska at the opening of the exhibition.

Painting in the life of Leonid Yashchenko appeared fifteen years ago. During this time, the artist painted hundreds of his works, many solo exhibitions were held. Leonid Yashchenko is a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, the favorite of the Mykolaiv connoisseurs of art.

Video of the event

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