The other day the artist Leonid Mykolaiovych Derkach, whose creative pseudonym is Ludwig Dech, turned 85 y.o. Pastel vernissage "Colors of my autumn" - a unique gift of the master to connoisseurs of his work.

The author's favorite genre is landscape. The exposition is full of golden autumn in the Carpathians, on the outskirts of Mykolaiv, in the United States of America and in Chukotka.

During the creation of his works Leonid Mykolaiovych is guided by the experienced emotions. As a rule, he paints them from memory or from open-air sketches.

Ludwig Dech (Leonid Mykolaiovych Derkach) was born in the Khmelnytskyi region in 1936. He worked as a light artist in the theaters of Ukraine. Even in his early youth he became interested in drawing, began to master various painting techniques - pastel, tempera, oil and more.


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