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Missed for drive, tired of quarantine, looking for adventure, fun, knowledge and new experiences? Then online academy "Book Experiments" is just for you!

"Book Experiments" is a series of fun non-standard video literature recommendations for teenagers, youth and more. We will tell you about modern non-fiction and fiction, you will learn about the inventions of famous scientists, the life and creative path of geniuses who changed the lives of mankind. Whatever it is - evolution and life on Mars, the animal kingdom or human loneliness - interesting information in an unusual format will allow you to look at ordinary things and phenomena in a new way. Exciting travels and discoveries, experiments in chemistry and physics, unexpected guests and famous literary personages will be waiting for their admirers! We will combine the latest technology and books, add a little humor and special effects for your knowledge and entertainment.

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In the meantime, watch the announcement, see you soon!

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