Salty history of Eastern Ukraine / comp. M.V. Kulishov, O.V. Drohomyretska, Ya. V. Synytsia. - Kramatorsk: "Printing House", 2022. - 102 p.

Salt is the essence without which there is nothing, but with which everything becomes what it is meant to be. Salt is like the essence: there should be neither more nor less, but only as much as is needed to solve the essence.

These words, spoken by someone wise and experienced, actually became fateful for a team of like-minded people who discovered for themselves the forgotten pages of the history of salt production on the lands of the present Donetsk region and the adjacent territories of Kharkiv and Luhansk regions. The discoveries made were so impressive and captivated that they became the impetus for a number of subsequent steps to popularize the salt history of the region, including the creation of this local history publication.

The book is supplemented with a significant number of illustrations, maps and photographs, which makes it more informative and presentable. The publication is intended for local historians, tourists, and residents of the region.

It can be used by teachers of higher and general educational institutions, students and schoolchildren. Contains interesting and valuable information for a wide range of readers.

The book was published as part of the implementation of the ZMINA 2.0 project "Subgrants for cultural projects" of the IZOLYATSIA foundation with the financial support of the European Union. The content of the book is the sole responsibility of the NGO "TsPGA "Kryla" and does not necessarily reflect the position of the European Union and the IZOLYATSIA foundation.

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