Stories of the war in Bucha and Irpin / Euhenia Podobna; artistic design O. A. Gugalova-Meshkova. — Kharkiv; Folio, 2022. — 224 p.; ill. — (Frontier)

This book should not have existed at all. Because this war was not supposed to happen. But on February 24, Ukraine woke up at dawn to the sounds of explosions, and columns of Russian vehicles were running over our past life with their tracks. War has become our new reality, air alarms were commonplace. Bucha and Irpin ceased to be associated with the forest, sanatoriums and children's camps, with a measured life of the suburbs of the capital. Now just the names of these cities fill with pain even those who have never been to them. But along with evil and pain, throughout the days of the war, in these frozen, frightened and bloodied cities, unprecedented heroism lived; among them were soldiers, medics, rescuers, soldiers of the Teroborona, citizens - everyone who helped, protected, rescued, evacuated. The occupation and battles for Hostomel, Bucha and Irpin lasted about a month. But it would take decades and volumes and the work of many people to describe everything that happened during this month. This is only the first line in the story of the great tragedy and great heroism of these Ukrainian cities, only a small part of the stories to be told.


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