Центральна бібліотека ім.Кропивницького

The Electronic Information Department was created in 2003 within the Center of Business Cooperation. The basic purposes of the department are to provide users with electronic sources of information, to market the library’s offerings in information production and services, and to administer CLS’s local computer network and software assets.

The department gives city dwellers access to electronic information on educational, legal, commercial, entrepreneurial, public, leisure subject. Readers can use the following information resources:

  • Web-resources of the Internet;
  • Multimedia on compact discs (including sound books with the best samples of classical and modern world literature);
  • Scientific electronic DB (Full-text scientific database “EBSCO”, a limited access resource, available through Central Library’s membership in the Ukrainian library consortium “Informatio”.
  • Encyclopedic database «Rubricon»;
  • Online legal reference system «LEAQUE: The LAW Elite» which gives access to documents from all branches of the law, providing powerful decision support for legal, accounting, and financial professionals;
  • Database of technical standards and codes for construction and architecture «Stroj-inform»;
  • Electronic library of technical standards in the field of sociology, public health and environmental protection «Gost-Inform»;
  • An extensive collection of print resources on computer subjects.

The department operates an Internet Center, which includes a virtual reference service and adaptive facilities for the handicapped.

The Internet-center is open with the assistance and financial support of the USA Embassy in Ukraine under the project “Internet for Readers of Public Libraries “ (LEAP). The Internet-center’s focus is to provide Mykolayiv’s citizens with easy access to information with the long term goal of enabling social mobility and smooth transition to a civil society.

The Center includes facilities adapted for handicapped users. This capability was
created with assistance from the Center of Social Programs of RUSAL Company and Nikolayev city welfare fund "Meta" via three projects: “Information Without Limits”, “A Book’s Sound Silhouette” and “A Step Towards Each Other”.

Since 2005 there is a “Virtual-reference service" in the structure of the department, the purpose of which is the reference-informational service of remote users.

The library is connected to the Internet by a dedicated fiber-optic channel with a speed (4096/4096 Kbit/s). Within the building, the library operates a Wi-Fi network that allows visitors to have easy access to the internet for information searches, e-mail, and even interactive conferences and forums.

Access to web-resources in the Internet-center is free-of-charge.