Центральна бібліотека ім.Кропивницького

Catalogues’ room
In the catalogues’ room the library users can get information about library books and magazines by means of catalogues and card indexes.

Readers Service Department
The department organizes library servicing of the city inhabitants, analyzes the users’ demands and takes part in completing its archive, carries out arrangements with the purpose of literature popularization. Subscriptions and reading-room annually serve about 18 000 users.

Informative-bibliographic department
The informative-bibliographic department carries out reference-bibliographic and informative servicing of its readers.
The sector of analytical information of authorities, which carries out informative support of the city executive committee’s staff, representatives of the deputy corps of the city council, works within the department.

Department of electronic information and computerizing of library processes
The primary purpose of the department is giving access to informative resources in an electronic format, effective realization of the library suggestions at the market of informative products and services. At the support of the USA Embassy in Ukraine (project the "Internet for readers of public libraries "LEAP") the Internet Center works within the department.

Library Marketing and Management Department
Library Marketing and Management Department provides the CLN unified marketing strategy, organizes marketing researches, advertising of CLN libraries, sets contacts with the city public for CLN libraries positive image’s making.

The department of forming and use of unified archive
The department provides the scientifically grounded completing of the CLN unified archive, exposes it through the system of catalogues with the purpose of satisfaction of the users’ interests.

Editorial-publishing sector
It is created for office documentation’s making and also for providing a house style of documentary products with the use of modern computer technologies, organization of the library publishing activity.